Friday, September 23, 2016

Remnant of Jacob

President Monson said in a July Ensign article several years ago that if the US did not repent of our sins of immorality and substance abuse that we would follow the fate of other democracies/republics like Greece and Rome.  Rome was corrupted by the import of drugs via the Silk Road and the immorality of cities like Pompeii. The consequence of these sins was broken families and greater poverty. In response to the poverty problem, the Roman Ceasers came to power promising greater social equality and promising "free bread and circus".  But according to James 1:27 it is the Church's business to elevate poverty and uphold virtue,

 Roman's socialist programs, and trade deficit with China, put the Empire under great economic strain.  Rome was forced to continually be at war with their neighbors to collect tribute to supply their economy with gold which was the liquidity/oil of their economic engine. Unfortunately, Rome began to rely upon hired Germanic Barbarians to supply their Legions with solders. Eventually, those Foeterati troops revolved and divided the Western Roman Empire forever.

 God warns the Gentiles in the Last Days that if we did not repent of our wickedness that a "Remnant of Jacob" would be among us and tear us into pieces like a young lion. Who is the "Remnant of Jacob" (Alma 46:23-24; 3 Nephi, 20:16, 21:22-23; Mormon 5:12; Mormon 7:10; D&C 109:65) and how will the Gentiles be 'tread down and torn in pieces?' (see Micah 5:8, 3 Nephi 21:12).  Alma and Amulek were described as young lions scattering a family of goats when they came forth after being miraculously delivered from the prison.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

LDS Politicians

[This is a repost of an old article on my other blog] From Orin Hatch and Mitt Romney to Jon Huntsman Jr in 2012; LDS seek to fully participate in national politics. However, one wonders, if an LDS member were to be elected as POTUS; would anything really change? Looking down the list of high-level LDS politicians, many have been great and inspired servants of God, but less effective politically in changing things for the better.

Elder Reed Smoot (US Senate): Co-Sponsored the National Parks Act which turned over hundreds of thousands of miles of land and control over mineral rights to the Federal Government. The Federal Government with control of those mineral rights is able to deal them out to certain companies or to prohibit companies from mining these resources all together to limit our ability of our country from being self-sufficient. The National Park Act was a major step in the Federalization of America. (This reminds me of the plot of Evan Almighty).

Co-Sponsored the Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act. Now this was a good act. But, Senator Smoot allowed FDR and others blame this act for triggering the Great Depression, resulting in a huge shift in Republican politics. Since this time, "FREE TRADE" became a major plank of the Republican Party when it never had been before. Republicans like Lincoln, McKinley, and Hoover where all staunch Protectionists.

President J Ruben Clark (Under Secretary of State): Developed regulations for the Selective Service/Draft during WW1 and amended the Monroe Doctrine to limit US involvement in Latin American politics. However, the US has covertly been responsible for numerous political assassinations, coups, revolutions, and regime changes in Latin and South America.

After working for the State Department, President Clark worked for a New York law firm involved in mergers and acquisitions to buy up any companies that would profit from the US entering into WW1. J Ruben Clark worked to create the first international conglomerate for the ultra elite who were fully intending to drive the US to war all the while Woodrow Wilson was promising the US people otherwise.

President Ezra Taft Benson (Secretary of Agriculture): Criticized Farm subsidies and the spread of Communism and Socialism but never realized like General Patton that President Eisenhower was personally and directly responsible for allowing Communist Russia to take Eastern Europe. I am not sure if he ever realized the real threat to our Constitution were the Globalist power-elites like Eisenhower (member of Bohemian Grove) who sponsored the Communist Revolution and created the Soviet Union. In any event, Secretary Benson's 8 years as Agriculture Secretary did little to slow the spread of Socialism in America or slow the spread of Communism abroad. But he did bravely lift up a warning voice in the face of fierce criticism.

David M Kennedy (Secretary of Treasury): Appointed by President Richard M Nixon right up to the time when Nixon took the dollar forever off the gold standard. But he was replaced just before this happened. He then served as US Ambassador to NATO.

Michael O Leavitt (Secretary of Health and Human Services): Spent several years flying all over the country on a government jet campaigning for Obama Care and the idea that Doctor
reimbursement should be determined by an arbitrary Quality Factor, which gives Federal Bureaucrats total control over medicine. You do it their way exactly, or you don't get paid. I attended his presentation here where I live.

Harry Reid (US Senate Majority Leader) and Senator Orin Hatch (President Pro Tempore): Overseen the greatest expansion of the federal government since FDRs New Deal and LBJs Great Society.

George W. Romney (Secretary of HUD): Worked as CEO of AMC, then served as Michigan Governor after which he served as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Pres Nixon. Bro. Romney wanted to expand low-income housing projects into suburban areas but was opposed by Nixon. Romney was unsuccessful in seeing the creation of ghettos in US inner-cities and did not recognize the HUD/HFA amortized mortgage as a major driver of inflation in this country.

I am sure the only thing the Globalist would like more that to have the US collapse under a Black President would be to have the US collapse under an LDS President. I don't see how an LDS member in politics could effectively defend the Constitution unless they were awake to the reality of the Great Global Conspiracy. It is too easy for the elites to get naïve Mormons to follow along because of our ambition, trusting nature, desire to please, tendency to blindly follow orders, befriend mammon, and desire for the mainstream to respect us, etc.

I should put a disclaimer here that I am not saying LDS shouldn't be involved in politics and I am not saying that anyone could have done better. I appreciate LDS willingness and sacrifice to serve this country. What I am saying, is that having an LDS member at the top is not going to change the scriptures any more than Mormon's final stand at Cumorah changed what Nephi had seen in vision a thousand years earlier. That being said, it was still important to make that final stand.

President N. Eldon Tanner (Canadian Minister of Lands and Mines): There is one LDS politician who I feel did a great job of fighting the New World Order. President Tanner was in a banker, oilman, and politician in Alberta Canada. President Tanner served as Speaker of the Legislative Assembly from 1936 to 1937 and as a cabinet minister as the Minister of Lands and Mines in the governments of William Aberhart and Ernest Manning from 1937 to 1952. President Tanner was able to take back mineral rights from Canada for Alberta and used those mineral and oil rights to benefit the citizens of Alberta.

Of all LDS politicians, I think President Tanner was the most effective against the agenda of the latter-day Gadiantons.

Brent Scowcroft (National Security Advisor for President's Ford and George H W Bush): Calling for the liberalization of the "disastrous" Westphalia System (source of western religious freedom) in favor of a globalist New World Order.

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Israeli Ashtoreth Figurines

Dr. Daniel C. Peterson gives a lecture on the ancient Israeli worship of Ashtoreth. He is kinda trying to legitimize it but at the same time making a distinction between a "sanitized" Isreali conception of Ashtoreth as the "nursing mother" referred to in Isaiah  vs. a purely pagan fertility version.  However, in my mind, I wonder if the conception of Asthoreth in ancient times is not unlike our current conception of Santa Clause or the Christmas tree.

The reality is, that wherever you dig in Israel, north or south,  you will find Ashtoreth figurines.  Israel was supposed to only worship Jehovah, their "one true God".  So, why all the pagan figurines?  Israeli Ashtoreth figurines may be akin to modern Santa Clause or the Christmas tree. Future generations will no doubt dig up Santa representations among future Christian ruins.  Santa is a complex symbol that ultimately detracts from Christ, who should be the central figure of Christmas.  Many Christians and even LDS try to sanitize Santa as much as can focusing on the St. Nicholas Santa vs. the North Pole conception.  Could the Israeli "nursing mother" be a sanitized version of Ashtoreth.  Could Israeli leadership, who had previously failed to remove the conception of Asthtoreth from Israeli culture, decided to sanitize her instead?

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Expansive Universe and Brief Mortality

As we build bigger and bigger telescopes that can capture and resolve more and more light, we can see further out into the universe and further back in time. Although no man has seen the edge of the universe, science estimates that universe may be 13.82 billion years old. The Earth itself is believed to be 4.54 billion years old.  As we look out into the universe we also are witness to some of the most powerful and violence events including cannibalizing black holes, exploding supernovas, gamma ray bursts and colliding galaxies. 

Considering the apparent size of the universe and age of the Earth, it is a sobering thought to think that God created it all so that a few of His children to come down on small little Earth's like ours and have a brief mortal experience for just 6000 years.

As we learn about the history of the Earth, we learn of the great epochs of its history that prepared its soil and atmosphere for the family of Adam and Eve to dwell with relative safety and comfort.  When we consider the Great Flood in the days of Noah and the Great Burning that is to come in the Last Days; I am saddened at human-kinds ability to so quickly spoil this Earth in such a very short period. 

God taught that if He did not bring judgement and come quickly, hastening his coming in the Last Days the whole Earth would be wasted at his coming and there would be no flesh left upon the Earth. 

Sabbath Day

On the Sabbath,  God rested from all his work.  God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: turn away from doing  thy pleasure,  and called the sabbath a delight.

Christ rose from the tomb on the first day, the disciples broke bread, and preached. Remember the Lord’s Day,  offer thine sacraments unto the Lord. 

Keeping the sabbaths; is a sign to God
of our willingness to obey. Even them will I bring to my holy mountain, and make them joyful in my house of prayer: 

Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work:  But the seventh day is a day of rest.