Friday, July 11, 2008

Making Master Musicians: Everlasting Law, Everlasting Covenants and The Everlasting God

Some claim the LDS concept of God is flawed because LDS believe that while God has always existed forever and never had a beginning, so did the laws of nature and matter itself. That is, the matter and energy of the universe was neither created nor destroyed but has existed eternally and is co-existent with God.Some Christians have the concept that God created everything including natural law from nothing. That is, natural law is set up by God for man who is not bound by it. God is God by the very fact that He is independent from, better than and above the law.

LDS believe that God is One with the law. Law does not exist independent of God, but God is God by perfect mastery over the laws of nature. The Bible teaches that God is a perfectly Just God. The Bible does teach that God created everything visible and invisible and in him do all things consist. But what does the Bible mean when it says that God "created"? Creation in Hebrew means to "form," "organized" or "cut out." Thus in other parts of the Bible, it speaks of God as a builder or a sculptor who formed us from clay. Paul says "every house was built by some man, the builder of all things is God." So, when the Bible says that God even created law, it doesn't mean that God created it "ex nihlo" or "from nothing." The Bible mean that the laws were organized for operation in the heavens and Earth.

These principles apply to us in that the commandments of God. Since when did fair-minded people start to believe that their leaders should be above the law? Since when did law-abiding people start to believe that laws and commandments were restrictions and not directions for happiness. When I was learning to play the piano, I learned that there were laws of melody, rhythm, and harmony and by perfect mastery of those laws I could create beautiful music. Are we meant to believe that truly beautiful heavenly music would not conform to any laws. That would be like believing true music is post-modern. No offense against contemporary, post-modern music, I am all for experimentation, but I don't think post-modernism or the philosophy behind it constitutes some sort of higher music form or a truer reflection of God's nature.

The eternal nature of God who is One with His higher laws and covenants which God has given to man and the Bible says are everlasting and eternal also relate to the Atonement of Christ. Some Christians believe that it is impossible to become perfect and sinless even with Christ's help even though Christ commanded us to be perfect and holy. Some claim that Christ will only save us in our sins, and not save us from our sins. However, the Bible promises that Christ would come to save us from our sins. Notwithstanding, some believe that power of Christ doesn't have the power to literally turn us away from sin, purge us, purify us like silver, and change and transform us completely. Some claim the only purpose to law is to help us realize that we cannot keep it and therefore need Christ who was able to keep it perfectly. Which is true. No one without Christ can keep the law. All have sinned. But with Christ, by the end of the Millennium, I believe the power of atonement will have the power to perfect us if we trust the promises of God.

The only defense against the possibility that man can be perfected in Christ and though Christ is that they claim they have never met a sinless person. I agree. I never have met a person who has never sinned. But I have met several people who by the end of their life I believe become sinless or very close. And I have met many Christians who have made great progess towards perfection after becoming Christian. Even if there hasn't been anyone who has become perfected in Christ before dying, the 1000 years of the Millennium will give us time with Christ to complete the process of sanctification and to prepare to meet the Father when the Earth itself will be transformed from a paradisaical state to a Celestial state and literally become part of the heavens with God and home to just man made perfect in Christ forever.

So, my point is (going back to the music analogy), God wants us to become Master Musicians like himself to join in the symphony of heaven and worship him by being empowered to join with God in creating beautiful music to God. Now right now, none of us can make anything close to music. Our musical skill is now akin to a 2-year-old banging on the piano. But, through the Atonement of Christ, we are given time to repent, time to practice, repent, and prepare to meet God and be judged. And when the time of our final recital comes, we will be judged according to our own skill and ability because if we are still piano bangers, or glorified post-modernists, our non-musical cacophony will not have a place in God's kingdom. So, we shouldn't procrastinate the time of our repentance. Now is the day when we can learn from the Great Master Musician, even Jesus Christ, and become Masters like Christ by His power and not our own.

Through Christ, we are made free to choose, and choose we must. Our character is made up of millions of small decisions just like a musical score is made up of thousands of individual notes. And the Holy Ghost is given to believers to empower us to every good and righteous decision if we are willing to deliver our whole souls to God which He has bought and paid for by the flesh and blood of His Son Jesus Christ; and not keep any part back unlike Ananias and Sopphira.

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