Saturday, August 29, 2009

LDS Doctrine Responses

They make philosophical arguments against God, just like atheists do.They attack the Bible, just like atheists do.

LDS believe everything in the Bible is true and faithful. However, we recognize that some writings have been lost from the Bible, and that there are many Bible translations and even more interpretations that has led to many Christian denominations and non-denominations. IF you want an important doctrine that illustrates the problem with interpretation, look at Calvanism and the the doctrine of predestination.

Therefore, LDS believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated and interpreted correctly. This belief is hardly Bible bashing.

Mormons claim to believe in god, or gods ("plurality of gods"). But their belief seems to be no different than Caesar's claim to be God of ancient Rome. Just like ancient Rome, the "gods" Mormons believe in, and even the Heavenly Father "god" Mormons claim to worship, are nothing more than human beings, even the same "species" as ourselves, only recognized as having higher honour. There is no ontological difference between the Mormon "god[s]" and ourselves.

The Bible itself says that all men are the "offspring" of God or the same "kind, species, genus". This belief just teaches that God considers all mankind His children and not just fish in a fancy aquarium. And our belief in deification and theosis and that men are "gods in embryo" is Identical to the Early Christian Fathers who taught again and again "God became man so men could become gods."

This belief in eternal life and the deification of man has nothing to do with taking Gods place. God is a God of gods, King of kings, and Lord of lords. God is the Most High God. This doctrine just means that through Christ the children of God will be blessed to participate in the same creative work and eternal parenting that God Himself does. This is how the faithful in Christ will eventually know God and enjoy His fellowship.

The Mormon "god" can't "create" like the God of the Bible can, he can only "organize existing matter" (just like we humans can).

The Bible itself says that God organized the world and man from the dust. Paul describes God as the builder of all things, and the potter of the clay. The Bible says that "without God, nothing was make, that was made" suggesting that not everything required making. Somethings like intelligence and spirit have always existed and are co-existent, and co-eternal. The Bible in Greek uses verbs for create that suggest God "brought into being" and "put all things together" (sunstaken) and not "brought into existence".

This is especially important when it comes down to the creation of Satan and who is responsible. Because if God brought evil into existence than God is the Father of Evil. If God meerly Gave Satan his agency knowing what he would do with it, than God is an accomplice to mass spritiual murder. But since the intelligences and spirit are co-existent and have no beginning, and evil has always existed as spirit has then Satan is responsible himself for his rebellion after being given every opportunity for good. This resolves a major problem that athesists cite as the "problem of suffering and the problem of evil."

The Mormon "god" doesn't have the attributes of the God of the Bible (omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotency, invisibility, etc.), he is limited in time and space (just like we humans are).

God is the unification of the spiritual and the physical. Even spirit is not immaterial matter. Even spirit occupies space. But LDS know that if your being is composed of pure light, then you are a relativistic being and are not confined by time. God dwells in the eternal now where all things are present before Him. Therefore, a glorified and tangible being can have physical aspects without being limited by time and space. LDS do not confine God to classical Newtonian physics like this argument does.

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