Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Trumpets and Conflict

The Following is not LDS Doctrine:

When the Bible and Revelation talks about the 7 Trumpets and 7 Vials of Wrath, some people believe that these prophecies have had multiple fulfillment throughout history. The 7 Trumpets had to do with what corrupt government did to the people, and the 7 Vials of Wrath had to do with what God did in repayment. I was hoping that 1/2 hour of silence would give us 21 years. But God seems to be hastening things maybe.

For example. One fulfillment or type of the antichrist, tribulation, and wrath in Matt 24 is Titus. General Titus (little horn) was the son of the 10th Emperor (10 horns) of the Roman Empire (4th Beast). General Titus destroyed the temple, and crucified tens of thousands of Jews on the walls of the city of Jerusalem. When Titus became Emperor, he continued the persecution of the Christians and outlawed the daily sacrifice in the Roman Empire. Not long after, Rome was hit by several natural disasters. Mount Vesuvius destroyed Pompeii and Herculaneum, there was another fire in Rome, a plague, and a drought. Finally Titus suffered a mysterious death; probably being poisoned by his brother Domitian.

Another possible fulfillment of the 7 Trumpets has to do with the fall of the Roman Empire. In addition to declining morals and corruption, Rome was economically bankrupt. They had sent much of their gold over to the orient in exchange for luxuries. Low on gold, Rome didn't have enough to put into their own currency. This led to a devaluation and contraction of the money supply. Contraction of the money supply and cheap slave labor led to greater unemployment. Greater unemployment led to more and more people relying upon government welfare. Rome put what money they had to fund the games to keep the unemployed mobs amused and pacified. In this weakened economic condition, the Roman Empire was vulnerable to attack.

The first trumpet had to do with hail fire and destruction burning up all the green grass and 1/3 of the trees. Some associate hail with war as Job does in Job 38:22 and the invasion of Rome by Alaric the Visigoth and the Goths by land. The second trumpet speaks of a burning mountain falling into the sea and the water turning to blood, 1/3 fish dying, and 1/3 shipping being destroyed. Some associate this with the attack of the Vandals by sea by way of Carthage. The 3rd Trumpet speaks of a star falling from heaven and poisoning 1/3 part of the rivers and streams. Some associate this with Attila the Hun's attack of the Roman Empire. Attila the Hun conquered by following the river valleys. The 4th Trumpet speaks of darkening the 1/3 part of the sun, moon, and stars. These same people associate this with the insurrection of German Barbarians who infiltrated and lived in the Roman Empire led by Odoacer who was an agent of Eastern Roman Emperor Zeno. The consequence of Odoacer's insurrection was a fracturing of the entire Western Empire into separate tribes.

The 5th Trumpet speaks of locusts which many believe speaks of the rise of the Arab Muslims which conquered Sephardic Jews and Arian Christians in Spain, North Africa, and destroyed the Christian capital of Alexandria and Heliopolis. I am told the Hebrew word for locust and Arab are very similar. Arab Muslims did not kill civilian Christians and Jews outright. They gave them a choice to convert to Islam or be a slave. If they choose slavery, their wives were taken and placed in harems. The 6th Trumpet speaks of the Euphrates overflowing and an Eastern Army killing 1/3 of men. Some believe this refers to the transfer of the Muslim Caliphate to Iraq and the rise of the Ottoman Turks. Dressed in fire, Jacinthe, and brimstone matches the Turkish uniform colors of red, blue and yellow-orange. The horses with mouths like lions that spew fire and brimstone with the power being in their tails refers to the Ottoman Turks use of gunpower, artillery,and cannons. The power in the tail was John likely describing the fuse and gunpowder. The Turks were successful in destroying the other Christian capitals of Jerusalem, Antioch and finally Constantinople leaving Rome the supreme ruler over all Christianity.

The 7 vials of wrath the occur during the sounding of the 7th Trumpet, likely refer to the many judgments of God that were poured during the Dark Ages.

Now what about the Last Days? I am not the only one who is asking if this BP Gulf Oil Spill is not a modern fulfillment of the 2nd Trumpet spoken of in Revelations. Since the American Empire is an Empire of Economy and not Land, some think that the 1st Trumpet would refer to the recent economic war which has brought upon the western world a great Economic Depression, banking failures, unempoloyment, and a dollar on the verge of collapse. The second trumpet refers to a mountain of fire being thrust into the sea turning the sea to blood, and killing 1/3 of the creatures of the sea, and 1/3 the ships or shipping. I am not the only one watching the 200,000 barrels/day of oil leak into the gulf and the toxic Corexit being sprayed thinking this accident is going to have major negative impacts. Who knows how a couple of hurricanes this summer will mix things up. The limit on off-shore drilling was 22,000ft and that BP well was deliberately drilled to at least 30,000ft.

If the first and second trumpets are sounding, then what about the third, fourth and fifth? The third trumpet has to do with a star falling from heaven and poisoning 1/3 the rivers and streams. I learned on the playground in 1986 that "Chernobyl" was the Russian word for "Wormwood." Could the next trumpet have to do with something nuclear? The Federal Government and Pres Obama himself at the UN nuclear summit warned us about the possibility of nuclear devices being set off in several US cities. This scenario has already been featured in a made for TV movie called "The Day After" where Kansas City gets obliterated. Were the globalists who own ABC and who produced the movie trying to tell us something? Kansas City just so happens to be the major North American Hub for the NAFTA superhighway. They had a very difficult time in Texas imposing imminent domain. If a nuclear device or dirty bomb was set off anywhere in the Missouri/Mississippi watershed, all the water downstream would be contaminated. Being LDS, we shouldn't forget Joseph Smith's warning to Alexander Donovan nor the "Yellow Dog" prophecy concerning Missouri. (Graham W. Doxey, “Missouri Myths,” Ensign, Apr 1979, 64). By the way, the movie depicts Kansas City getting nuked on Saturday the 16th. That would be in October this year.

Did I mention that FEMA has purchased 500,000 plastic grave liners which are sitting in fields in Madison and Conyers, GA as well as additional liners in Indiana. The US government is also building several enormous graveyards in Houston, TX, Phoenix, AZ, Southern California, and Indiana. In each of these locations are huge fields that have been filled with rows and rows of rectangular concrete boxes, just bigger than the plastic liners in Georgia, that are being placed side-by-side and then buried. That begs the question of what kind of catastrophe or war our government is preparing for.

The fourth trumpet may have to do with the fulfillment of Christ's warning to the Gentiles in 3 Nephi 20:16. Could there be a similar insurrection in this country like there was in the Roman Empire with Odoacer? As far as the fifth and sixth trumpets go, and the 7 vials of wrath following, I have no idea who the locusts will be this time.

But I am concerned that Pres. Obama has appointed himself to chair the UN security council without Senate approval which is against the Constitution Article 1, section 9. I am concerned about the recent escalation in rhetoric and violence between North and South Korea and between Israel and Iran and Venezuela and the US. Hugo Chavez together with Iran has been selling oil in Euros and Yuan directly to China without China first having to buy dollars according to the Petro-Dollar system. The Petro-Dollar System which is supported by Saudi Arabia is the only thing that supports the huge US deficits and debt. If China can buy oil in Yuan, it will have no need to purchase US T-Bills. Currently, the only people buying US T-Bills are banks, the FED. This was exactly the reason the US went to war against Iran. Because the US Dollar is off the gold standard, if China and India can get oil without buying dollars, the dollar and the country will go bust.

The world is being set up to enter into WW3. If you read Albert Pike letter on WW3, the 3 Catholic Secrets of Fatima, and the Muslim prophecies about the coming of the Dijjal and the Mahdi, they all seem to be coming about. And all thats bad because all these bring the nations into conflict.

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Malkiyahu said...

Since we all heard the Vuvuselas on July last year as per the prophet’s warnings during the previous conference of the same year. Well!!! I think we will know where and when where it does happen. You were not far from the truth when you prophesied that perhaps the next event would have to do with a Chernobyl type disaster, so it was. We have the loud and clear nuclear disaster in Japan as a divine judgment as a result of the massacre and rape of Nanking and for the proliferation of sorceries, AKA deadly pharmaceuticals that is killing a great many people. Not only that, but after this most recent testimony from general conference, the testimony of heaven has followed thru. Not soon after we have seen the recent devastating tornadoes in the mid west and even as we speak the Mississippi river is going out of its bounds. Things are getting both louder and darkening by the minute. TVs are plagued or full of frog type cockroaches deceiving and being deceived.