Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Losing Faith in Government

3 Nephi 7:2 And the people were divided one against another; and they did separate one from another into tribes, every man according to his family and his kindred and friends; and thus they did destroy the government of the land.

The events in the Book of Mormon leading up to the appearance of Jesus Christ in America are a type of Second Coming of Jesus Christ in this the Last Days. Just before Christ's appearance, the government of the Nephites had been infiltrated and subverted by a secret brotherhood of robbers known as the Gadiantons. The extent of the corruption in government was such that after the assassination of the Chief Judge, the population had lost so much faith; they abandoned the government entirely and separated into tribes.

It seems to me that there has been a gradual but persistent errosion of respect for authority in America. Youth have less respect for their elders, children hold less honor for thier parents, citizens are more fearful of law enforcement, and more suspicious of their elected leaders. While the blame for this trend can't be entirely attributed to one side of the other; the consequences are potentially grave.

It is official LDS Doctrine that the Constitution of the United States is inspired by God. And while we have the civic duty to elect moral and good leaders, we must never abandon the foundation document that protects our liberties and freedoms.

The fourth trumpet of Revelation talks about 1/3 the sun, moon, and stars darkening. It is my opinion that apart from any type of possible literal fulfillment, I believe that this darkening symbolically refers to the failure of many local, state and national government. Not all governments fail, but a 1/3 part. This could be for various reasons such as bankruptcy, civil unrest or war. I think we are already beginning to see this.

I was thinking about where the media is taking us. Is Osama Bin Laden really dead or did he die 10 years ago? Was Bin Laden killed last week, or just 3 days ago? What's with Pres. Obama releasing his Birth Certificate long form now? What about comet Elenin, HAARP, and earthquakes? What's with these UFO sightings? What about Fukushima and the danger of radioactive fallout? What about the TARP bailout and where did all that money really go? What really happen with the BP oil spill and is the Corexit still a health risk? What really happened on 9/11 and Building 7? Are we getting the facts, are we being lied to? While all these issues have their importance. I think the overall goal with all of this is to erode our faith in government.

How much longer, and what will be the tipping point where America ends up like the Nephites in the Book of Mormon?

The above and previous explainations of trumpets may be 3 years early as there are those like in the Book of Mormon who are trying to create a scenario where believers will be made to think that the time is past when the Bible predicts the Second Coming. This dating is based on the assumption that Christ was born 3 BC and the following Jubilee years and event all occur 3 years earlier. The Abomination of Desolation is to occur in the midst of the final 7 tribulation years. What I mean is that there are those out there who are pointing to the year 2017 as the Second Coming and the beginning of the tribuation in 2010. These same people assume Christ was born 3 BC. I tend to side with Elder Talmage and believe Chist was born April 6, 1 BC.

1820 116th Jubilee: First Vision, End of Spanish Inquisition
1870 117th Jubilee: Edict of Pope Nicholas III, End of Roman Ghettos
1920 118th Jubllee: Prohibition, League of Nations begins, Protocols of Zion published, Balfour Declaration and the British Mandate for Palestine confirmed by League of Nations.
1950 "Law of Return": Command to Rebuild Israel and Jerusalem (The Fig Tree Nation), Beginning of Daniel's Final 70 Years (This generation shall not all pass away)
1970 119th Jubilee: Nuclear Proliferation Treaty, End of War of Attition following 6-day War
2000 Opening of 7th Seal, and beginning of 1/2-hour of silence in heaven
2011-2 Beginning of Daniel Tribulation Week (three score and two years)
2016-7 Abomination of Desolation, Heathen Army Invasion, Adam-ondi-Ahman
2020 120th Jubilee: We will see "Eye to Eye" when the Lord brings again Zion, End of 1/2-hour of silence in heaven

Several Apostles (Elder Benson, Elder McConkie) have commented that they believe the Abomination of Desolation will be a nuclear event. Pres. George Albert Smith describes WWII and a Nuclear First Strike on America after the Election but before the Inaugaration of the next POTUS. The POTUS at the time before the next POTUS takes office is said to be of "Greek" ancestry which may be just an euphamism for non-northern european. With rhetoric heating up in Pakistan between China and the US, and the US continually provoking Russia and China, an attack on the US could happen in 2012 and we could already be in the Tribulation. I am not going to vote for President Obama to be re-elected, but in light of the account of this vision given by Bro. David Horne, I am pulling for Pres. Obama to win in 2012. I could use 4 more years.

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Malkiyahu said...

I want to thank you for your insight. When I think about the prophetic symbolism of revelation, I see things both happening first spiritually and then they are made manifest temporally. And after they are made manifest temporally then they become manifest spiritually. What has to do the wheat with the shaft? When things begin to appear in our dreams and our visions is already too late. The thing the prophets warned us about are unchangeable and therefore imminent and irreversible. The dreams are as the shaft or the wheat has already been beaten and taken to the storehouse. This indicates that the heart breaking, and body trembling and mind derailing revelation has already been given. When people do not repent after the revelation is given, the only time they can return to God and amend their way, then come the dreams and the visions, which indicate that people did not repent, therefore, they reached the point of no return and the heavens and death must take their tolls from among the living.

The Sun refusing to give off its light as a supreme being refusing to light the way because the people in both body, heart and in mind are darkened or become carnal, sensual and devilish which are rip for destruction. The moon turning into blood is a revolution of violence among people that were supposedly to be either honorable or civilized such as those who apostatize from the principles of truth or liberty. The book of Mormon testifies that those who did dissent from the church or from the liberty of the people of the Nephites respectively always become twice as worst children of hell than before they were originally unlighted. It would have been better for them not to been born or to have known the living Christ. Thinking about the Tower of Cherizza incident as recorded in the book of Moroni, by Mormon, we see that the Nephites became eve worst than the Lamanites. And last but not least, the stars falling furiously from heaven a people tired of being oppressed coming forth to reclaim what is lawfully and legally theirs and to trodden under foot the salt that has lost its flavor. This is the same that the Lamanites came to destroy the Nephites. I truly hope that Joseph Smith had succeeded behind the veil by bonding the white horse strip of the saints with us, the red horse strip of war as in the white horse prophecy. In other words, I have charity for all people, but I cannot hope for the Gentiles unless they become members of the church of the saints I see no one of them making it. For if the stars are awaken and come upon this nation with all their fury they will live them neither root nor branch. This is one reason the Lord has preserved us.