Thursday, April 26, 2012

Force and Agency

If Law = Morality, Religion = love/persuasion, Government = fear/force? Since Government operates by fear and force, force of itself cannot be inherently bad, can it?

The Book of Mormon teaches 1. We are not free unless enticed by both sides (2Ne2:16) 2. Laws punished sins and made people fear to break laws (Alma 1:17-18) 3. Satan persuadeth none to do good. Would Satan "force" any to do good either? (Moroni 7:17). ... n.html?m=1

What is Satans plan against agency? Same as it is today: "Do as you will". No right and wrong, Korihor doctrine of Social Darwinism.

Everyone would return because Satan proposed to do away with right and wrong and let eveyone do whatever they could get away with. In this system the powerful would enslave and control the weak in Satan's pyramid system. Satan would be top of the pyramid and we would become his slaves. none would be lost. The ultimate Exchange of liberty for safety.

The rules empower us to become like God. Christ empowers us to repent and keep the rules. Satan wanted to destroy our agency by destroying the rules and removing the consequences of sin. A free society rewards righteousness and entices against and punishes when we violate the liberties of others.

Agency has more to do with commandments to follow. and less about being free to do whatever you want. Following Gods rules and having consequences when we make mistakes so that we are likely to repent leads to freedom and eternal life. Doing whatever you want without immediate consequence leads to eternal captivity and death.

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