Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Law of Justice and Mercy

God's justice is God doing exactly as He has said:
1. "no unclean thing can enter into heaven"
2. "be ye perfect"
3. "If any man be a brother be guilty of fornication (purity), covetousness (tithing), idolatry (true belief), railer( abuse), drunkard (WOW), extortion (honest dealings)... cast from among yourselves that wicked person"  (1 Cor 5:11 = temple questions = God's standard of godliness)

God's mercy is God doing exactly as He has said: 
1. Mercy is NOT an entity or monster that God must satisfy.
2. "Repent and come unto Christ and be perfected in Him"
3. "Deny yourself of all ungodliness, then is his grace sufficent ... ye are perfected in Christ"
4. "Day of this life is a probationary state... time to prepare to meet God" (Alma 12, 34)
5. "souls of just men made perfect"
6. "saved by grave after all we can do"
7. All We Can Do = "make use of the means (grace) the Lord has (already) provided for us" (Alma 60)
8. In this life we have been given grace that we can repent and learn to keep 1 Cor 5:11 perfectly.

Whatever God commands is good:
1. "whatever persuadeth to believe in Christ is good" (Moro 7)
2. "teacheth a man to pray"
3. "enticeth to do good continually, to love God and serve Him"
4. "... service of your fellow being... service of your God"

Whatever Satan commands is evil: 
1." for he [devil] persuadeth no man to do good" (Moro 7)
2. "evil cannot do that which is good"
3. "teacheth a man that he must not pray"
4. an evil man will pray to give a gift begrudgingly or without real intent
5. "In thy name, done many wonderful works?  ... I never new you" (Matt 7)


LDS Anarchist said...

What do you mean by this:

"1. Mercy is NOT an entity or monster that God must satisfy."

Do you mean that God can be just without also being merciful?

David B said...

God is perfectly Just and merciful because He is doing exactly as He has said. God doesn't have to appease justice like justice stands over Him. God is just keeping His word and together with the Law has established the conditions of repentance = gospel.