Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Notes from Stake Conference

Real Growth

adding to priesthood 
active membership
activation and rescue
making and keeping covenants
mighty change of heart
increasing active and dedicated 
building the kingdom
making and keeping covenants

temple attendance
sacrament meeting attendance
possession of recommend
priesthood ordination
tithe payers

unmeasurable- scriptures, prayer, FHE
simple things = measurable things
those who pray ask 'Lord what should you have me do'

Learning Duty, Act, Share
Ordinances Focus=Power, Protection
Magnify Priesthood Power
Ward Council

Commit to a few actions
follow up at council meetings

Testimony, Flint and steel
gospel knowledge is magnesium shavings and tinder
spirit is sparks
ignite a flame 
but need to feed the fire
small sticks before logs

align with will of God
establish the cause of Zion
City of Zion
Say nothing but Repentance unto this generation 

Repent = change to a better direction
inspired invitations to act
invite, commit, follow up
read, pray, church, baptize
watch for the hand of the Lord
He will be working with you

Things to invite the spirit and build faith
pray, use priesthood, tell me about your feelings about God, tell me about baptism.  Spirit will help them remember.
Power- spirit convincing them
Wisdom- spirit telling us what to do

Matin Luther taught falsely that there is no priesthood between you and God
Gods plan involves agency.  Ordinances is how we select the blessings we want
Without the temple the whole Earth would be wasted at His coming.
Faith is confidence in Christ
Our faith is not blind but based on knowledge.  We know Christ.  We have done His will and know of the doctrine.
We are willing to do whatever God requires of us.

Miracle of selecting stake president. 2 men discover the will of God in 2 hours.  No executive search 100%

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