Sunday, June 29, 2014

Utah Traditional Family Defeat by Court

I was reading about the tragic decision by the 10th circuit overturning Utah's ban on same-sex marriage.  This may not be a battle we can win but I appreciate your efforts to defend traditional marriage.

However, as you said before when we talked, the media never permits the real arguments to be heard.  The opposition makes this about relationship and benefits.  However, as you know and have stated: the difference between civil union and marriage is the legal permission for a man and a woman to biologically procreate.  Let civil unions have every benefit except violating the right of the child to have the genetic inheritance by both a male and female.

The real "Brave New World" end goal of the Fabian Globalists is to use same-sex couples as a vehicle to introduce reproductive technology.  We already have the technology for 2 Men or 2 Women to procreate by creating effectively female sperm and male ovum.  The widespread release of this technology will not be made now as to now become part of the public discourse. 

The end goal as the opposition routinely and openly talks about on PBS or NPR is the day when we will all choose our children's hair and eye color. It may well be that at some future day, it becomes illegal to naturally reproduce and pass on potentially defective genes. 

The consequence of non-random genetic selection is an increase in phenotypic diversity (different looks) but a decrease in overall genetic diversity and fitness (genetic subtraction).  What happens is that when you get into having "designer babies", you immediate create domesticated human breeds who like the dog will never again have the strength to stand up to the wolf again.  We may unsuspectingly quickly breed ourselves into eternal slavery while the "wild-type" elite become a genetically superior ruling class.

Together with other very important and well-reasoned arguments focused on erroding the traditional family and the consequence of changing the social fabric of society, every loving adult who love each other should have the right to live together, to have every insurance, medical, tax benefit.  However, a same-sex couple cannot violate the right of a child to have a genetic inheritance from both a male and a female.  This is the civil-rights issue of our day. I hope we can rise to the challege.

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