Friday, September 05, 2014

Kolob and Laniakea: Church Order and Hierarchy

Many cosmologists ascribe to the theory of Homogeneity, which is that looking at any part of the Universe looks like any other part of the Universe. However, as we are able to peer out and see more of the visible Universe, we are seeing that the Universe is not Homogenous but instead a giant Cosmic Web with grand Filaments and Voids. 

 Our Milky Way Galaxy is not alone in the Universe but part of a much larger cluster of galaxies call the "Local Group". The Local Group is part of a larger order called the "Virgo Cluster". The Virgo Cluster is part of thr "Virgo Supercluster".  And the Virgo Supercluster is part of a newly discovered larger megacluster called "Laniakea" which is a Hawaiian word meaning "immeasurable heaven". Scientists are calculating Laniakea to be about 500 million light-years across. Neighboring megaclusters to Laniakea have been named "Perseus-Pisces", "Coma", "Hercules"and "Shapely" (I am using the term megacluster for increased clarity)

Other large intergalactic structures are named "The Great Attractor," "The Sloan Great Wall" and another super massive structure called "The Large Quazar Group".  It was believed until recently that The Great Attractor, the point at which all the galaxies within Lineakea were approaching, was within the Shapley Supercluster. However, according to the most recent model by Dr. Brent Tully, Shapley has been made its own adjacent but separate megacluster to Liniakea. The center of Lineakea is now believed to be somewhere within the "Norma Cluster" which is part of the "Hydra-Centaurus Supercluster".

What does Homogeneity vs. the Cosmic Web have to do with religion? Well, it turns out how our view the Universe informs how we view God's Church and Kingdom on Earth. Why? Because the same God that created the Universe, created His Church. So, it follows that if you believe that the Universe is Homogenous, that you may be more apt to believe that God's Church is also homogenous and there doesn't need to be higher orders of structure or hierarchy.   

God is a God of Order who created the Universe and His Church with a Hierarchy is why I believe God taught Enoch and Abraham about the Universe and about Kolob. The doctrine of Kolob is not about focusing on what Kolob is or where it is or where God lives, but that God is a God of order and created and ordered Universe and Church. (Liniakea)
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