Tuesday, November 18, 2014

President Eyring Visits the Vatican


President Eyring met with Pope Francis and spoke at a meeting on the family.  I listened to President Eyring's address with my family during dinner and had the following thoughts.

First, President Eyring emphasized how he was a first-hand witness of how to have a happy family.  This is significant in that the Catholic Church does not allow their priests to marry.  I think the Catholic Church could probably better defend marriage if their clegy was also married.

President Eyring related how he first met l his wife. He recounted how the Spirit of the Lord came with great power telling him in his mind and heart that if he were to marry her, he would become all the good things he wished for himself and that God desired for him.  I had the exact same spiritual impression when I met and was dating my wife Ruth. This teaching is significant testifying that marriage between man and woman is ordained of God and inspired by the Holy Ghost.

President Eyring then told the group about LDS sealing in the LDS Temple that LDS couples and families are promised through living faithful that they will enjoy the same sociality that they have built here in life in the next life. Other Christian religions teach that marriage and family ends at death.

Next, President Eyring called for a Renaissance of the Family.  He told the group that the number one factor that seperated happy from unhappy families was unselfishness.  If a couple puts each other first, their differences will serve to complement one another.  If the couple is selfish, the natural differences between men and women will be divisive.

President Eyring then read from the "Proclaimation to the World". After, he said that this wasn't just a matter of logic but when there is temptation to be unfaithful you have to have to soften hearts.  A husband has to have a heart of committment and loyalty to his wife and family.  But also, turning families around involves doing. 

President Eyring said there were 1 million LDS Families in America and more in Mexico and Brazil that pray together daily, read scriptures together and have weekly family devotionals.  These practices serve to unite families and give children hope that family life will bring them great happiness and satisfaction.  In one or two generations great exponential progress can be made.  On the other hand, increasing numbers of young people are loosing faith in marriage.

Finally, President Eyring spoke with authority and promised that families that applied these principles would enjoy greater happiness. President Eyring closed his remarks in the name of Jesus Christ who he said he serves and who he is a witness.  

I really enjoyed President Eyrings remarks.  President Eyring didn't speak as a scientist about research results or trends or what could be expected or projected.  President Eyring spoke as a prophet of God and not a social scientist.  Strengthening families doesn't require a scientific study or calling a commission to study the problem.  The problems are clear and the solutions have been revealed through prophets and known since the first recorded family.


Renee said...

That only 1million LDS in America is REALLY telling. I honestly thought it was more then that, but I guess not. Guess the LDS church has been moving itself to third world countries.

David B said...

We are seeing a fullness of the Gentiles but the prideful Gentiles are rejecting the fullness of Christ's gospel. Some of the more humble third-world is embrassing the truth.