Friday, December 26, 2014

It's All About Me?

Bro. Boyd Baggett spoke at a BYU-Idaho devotional warning about our prevelant and pervasive "it's only about me" attitude.  We tell ourselves, "the customer is always right" and we are the costumer. The gospel of Jesus Christ teaches instead that those who lose their life in the service of God and service of others will find their life.  Self-centeredness drives away love and friendship.  When Lucifer offered to perform the atonement saying "surely I will do it; wherefore give me thine honor" it was apparant that Satan was only concerned his own honor and not our welfare.

Satan proposed a plan denying us our agency to choose by having us come to Earth with no rules.  Satan claimed if there are no rules "whatever a man did was no sin" then not one of us would be lost.  But the Book of Mormon teaches us that if there is no law, there is no wickedness, no righteousness, no punishment and no ultimately no reward.

Medicine has seen a manifestation of this "its all about me" phenomenon.  We hear in the media healthcare advertisements about "patient-centered care" and hospital systems have been paying millions of dollars trying to increase patient satisfaction.  A study done at UC-Davis showed that increasing patient satisfaction results in increased resource utilization, costs, admissions, morbidity and mortality.

The same "all about me" attitude can be seen in religion.  False religion and priestcraft that is "grace-centered" instead of "repentance-centered" is built around telling the people only what they want to hear and not necessarily what they need to hear.

I love the true gospel of Jesus Christ that is repentance-centered and that inspires me to improve every day and gives me numerous opportunities to serve others and be dedicated to the a cause higher than myself.

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