Friday, March 06, 2015

Temple: Covenants, Truth, Trust, and Confidence

All Christians look foward to the Second Coming of Christ to the Earth the ushering in of Christ's millennial kingdom.  Scripture reveals that the Holy Temple will accompany Christ's kingdom on Earth and according to Daniel be the mechanism by which Christ's kingdom spreads across and fills the Earth.  How will the Temple spread Christ's truth and kingdom?   In addition to the symbolic beauty of the Holy Temple, there are very real, tangible aspects to the temple as well: 

1. the temple is an institution which holds up virtue (holiness) as a standard. 
 2. our leaders are to be selected based on virtue and not relationship, or kinship, or merit or any other criteria 
 3. the temple gives us a mechanism to identify the honest in heart from the wolves in sheeps clothing. 
 4. evil controls this world by the rich enticing the poor into sin and oppressing them through sin. 
 5. the temple combats evil by fighting poverty, by upholding both consecration and virtue (pure religion is to visit the fatherless and the widow in their affliction and to keep himself unspotted from the world) 
 6. The temple is the great symbol of freedom. "the spirit of the Lord, is the spirit of freedom" "the truth shall make you free" 
 7. In this way, the temple is a watchtower that had the Saints in Missouri had built, they would have recognized the evil men who had infiltrated the church in Missouri, started up the Danites, and inflammed the tensions with the mobs and neighbors, resulting in the expulsion of the Mormons from Missouri. Read D&C 101. 
 8. I have 3 rental properties that I rent out to awesome LDS Tenants. How did I know they were awesome and I can trust them to watch my children or anything else? They actively accept callings in the church and they do them 110%, and they hold temple recommends and they actually go to the temple regularly. 
 9. Zion (Civilization) is built on trust. Economist call this social capital. Who can you trust? Who can you trust to watch your children? Who can you trust to marry and start a family with? Who can you trust to elect as your political leaders? It is not about trusting only LDS people. It is about trusting people with proven lives of virtue.
10. The Church is for sinners to prepare us to enter into the presence of the Father. The Temple makes room for God in this world and the Father only dwells in holiness.  Anyone can go to Church but only those who have sanctified themselves in the blood of Christ and have repented and are living up to Gods standard of virtue and charity can enter the Temple.

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