Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Economic Solution: Safety Society System

When Joseph Smith and the Early Saints established the city of Kirkland, they needed to establish a banking system to provide credit and currency for their emerging economy. However, what was established was a traditional European-style, fractional-reserve bank that is inherently unstable. Because of the inherent instablility, the Kirkland Bank succumbed to market instabilities and soon failed. Following the direction of the US Constitution, a more equitable and Constitutional banking solution may be possible. The Safety Society Banking System addresses the income inequality starting with the Home Mortgage. 1. National Currency 2. Treasury creates money as needed 3. Local Non-profit Safety Society Bank approves loans 4. Simple-interest and fee-based loans granted 5. Debtors earn equity from day 1 6. Missed payments deducted from equity = instant reverse mortgage and mortgage insurance 7. No income tax 8. No inflation 9. Full Reserve banking. 100% Deposits stay at the bank and are never loaned out. 10. Money for new loans is created "on-demand" by US Treasury based on local loan approval and credit worthiness. 11. Communities or groups can qualify together for a hospital or park or aquarium or whatever if credit worthy. 12. Local Safety Societies cover costs with loan origination fees only and monthly loan service charge. 13. Fed Gov earns money via simple interest which constitutes a necessary fee which regulates money supply. 14. Repaid money is retired from circulation by the Treasury. 15. Loans only made for "real assets" not stock 16. Money is "backed" by the "real asset". 17.Value of currency = quantity and quality of human labor. Automation reduces costs. According to the equation MV = PG, inflation (P) is dependant on money supply (M). US Treasury controls money supply by only creating new money as it is nedeed (on demand). Inflation or deflation happems when there is too much money or not enough. It should always be more equensive to borrow than to save. With an equitable economic system, thrre will be a more equitable distribution of wealth. The Safety Society System is Free Market without a need for the capitalists although there may be a place for Mitt Romney style business venture capital. I like the idea of the ZCMI that was supported by the general public. The Safety Society System would not invest in business aspect but only the land and the building itself. Letting the people themselves be joint shareholders in the rest is a great idea in order to prevent the Walmart syndrome where Walmart has the power to dictate both the wholesale price and the suggested retail price.

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