Friday, September 23, 2016

Remnant of Jacob

President Monson said in a July Ensign article several years ago that if the US did not repent of our sins of immorality and substance abuse that we would follow the fate of other democracies/republics like Greece and Rome.  Rome was corrupted by the import of drugs via the Silk Road and the immorality of cities like Pompeii. The consequence of these sins was broken families and greater poverty. In response to the poverty problem, the Roman Ceasers came to power promising greater social equality and promising "free bread and circus".  But according to James 1:27 it is the Church's business to elevate poverty and uphold virtue,

 Roman's socialist programs, and trade deficit with China, put the Empire under great economic strain.  Rome was forced to continually be at war with their neighbors to collect tribute to supply their economy with gold which was the liquidity/oil of their economic engine. Unfortunately, Rome began to rely upon hired Germanic Barbarians to supply their Legions with solders. Eventually, those Foeterati troops revolved and divided the Western Roman Empire forever.

 God warns the Gentiles in the Last Days that if we did not repent of our wickedness that a "Remnant of Jacob" would be among us and tear us into pieces like a young lion. Who is the "Remnant of Jacob" (Alma 46:23-24; 3 Nephi, 20:16, 21:22-23; Mormon 5:12; Mormon 7:10; D&C 109:65) and how will the Gentiles be 'tread down and torn in pieces?' (see Micah 5:8, 3 Nephi 21:12).  Alma and Amulek were described as young lions scattering a family of goats when they came forth after being miraculously delivered from the prison.

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