Saturday, September 30, 2017

2017 October General Conference Priesthood Session

Elder Renlund

A rocket's mission is delivering a payload

Christ's atonement is the payload

Priesthood is only useful if payload is delivered

Priesthood is the rocket. 

Minor defects can compromise the rocket leading to catastrophic failure.

We have the priesthood to help others, bring others to Christ, teach His commandments, administer His ordinances.

Covenant is like holding water in cupped hands. If we loosen fingers, we can't hold any water.

We can't be casual about our covenants.

Restoration of blessings revokes excommunication.

Elder Evans

While you question, remember to do the things you know you should and not do the things you know you shouldn't

Do what is necessary to gain a testimony.

Keep testimony alive

Act by reading the Book of Mormon  and giving away our sins

Elder Maynes

Developing integrity of heart cultivates Gods trust

Integrity engenders trust which brings peace

Never compromise your integrity or take a bribe.

President Uchtdorf

It helps to talk to someone who cares about our struggles

"I would rather wait in line, the stamp machine won't ask me about my arthritis"

Vibrant spiritual health without stagnation.

Spiritual wounds are not incurable.

Healing power of Christ is alive in our day.

The Light of Christ allows us to see things as they really are.

We can then have a perfect brightness of hope.

President Eyring

Honor the priesthood 

Beware eroding faith in our leaders

Beware fault-finding

Do not cut the thread that binds you to the prophet

Be faithful like Brigham Young was to Joseph Smith

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