Sunday, October 01, 2017

2017 October General Conference Sunday Afternoon

Elder Ballard
Jane Manning James, African American Saint traveled to Salt Lake with the pioneers and was a faithful Latter-day Saint all her life.
Remember the faith of our pioneer forbearers like Jane Manning James because we need that same faith today.
Margaret McNeal Ballard and Henry Ballard severed 30 and 40 years respectively as Relief Society President and Bishop in Logan.
Converts gather locally today.
We are tested in life to see if we will obey all that God has commanded.
What is our final destination? Where are our footsteps taking us?
Keep the doctrine of Christ pure.  Do not listen to those who have not been ordained and sustained by common consent or those who claim secret answers to doctrinal questions.
Beware of healing power outside priesthood or accepted medical practices.
Priesthood and Relief Society provide for our spiritual and temporal well-being.  
Welcome everyone making their trek into the faith wherever they come from. Eliminate all prejudice.

Elder Callister
Book of Mormon is the keystone of our religion and testimony
How did a 23-year-old farm boy come up with an intricate story and dictate it from memory without notes keeping all details consistent.
Where did he get such profound doctrine?
Alma’s Sermon on Faith, King Benjamin’s Sermon, Allegory of the Olive Tree
God’s fingerprints are all over the Book of Mormon.
It was revelation and not brilliance that was the source.
Joseph Smith coined wonderful living phrases in a single draft.
If a Satanic imspired, how does the Book of Mormon inspire millions to follow Christ and His example and improve their lives and give selfless service. 
I would have to deny the confirming witness of the Holy Ghost
When I focused on what the Book of Mormon taught about Christ and not geography, I gained a testimony of its truthfulness.
The Book of Mormon serves as both sword and shield.

Elder Koch
The Lord expects us in the church to be one despite our differences.
Concentrate on our common spiritual goals like my connection with a disabled World Cup soccer fan in Brazil.
Hearts knit together in unity. Be careful in our comments, labels.
No one is a badly finished product.
Simon Ryder was offended about misspelling his name and criticized Joseph Smith and left the church.
My father strongly suggested building renovation should be done by contractor and was rebuked but stayed humble and helped with construction.  He passed away before it was completion, our family continued to be united and help with renovation.

Elder Ellis
Thank you to the helping hands who assisted with Hurricane relief.  The Lord trusts us with priesthood and keys, restored church, temple, sealing power, parents of children.
Hard is good, makes us stronger
Handcart pioneers came to know God in their extremity.
Book of Mormon spends several chapters on getting brass plates but only a few verses on recruiting Ishmael’s family.
Christ learned by the things he suffered.
Hard is part of the gospel plan like the people of Alma
God tries our patience and faith like Joseph Smith in Liberty Jail
Choose the harder right than the easier wrong.
Cannot help butterfly escape cocoon or chick out of its egg.
Millionaires I work with want to provide easy life for their children. JCPenny told his children that they were on their own after high school.
Flee, fight, or do nothing: do not decide or act out of fear.

Elder Parrella
Will you still be my mother in heaven? My mother told me no.
The missionaries taught us that the restored gospel our family could be together forever.
Conversion required some habit and tradition changes.
The First Vision restored 3 truths: 1. God calls prophets, 2. Love of God who tries and blesses, 3. Mission of Jesus Christ overcoming sin and death.
The Prophet called us at BYU to actively seek marriage. So, I arranged a 2-month internship in Brazil and met and was engaged during that short period.

Elder Ardern
Critics of the Church and Book of Mormon like Zeezrom can eat away at our spiritual roots like a caterpillar.
Members fortify themselves by heading prophetic direction in increasing Sabbath day observance, doing family history work and family prayer.
Turn away from the pointing fingers from the great and spacious building
James taught that the trial of our faith worketh patience.
Fisherman read Book of Mormon while away on his fishing boat and was converted by the Holy Ghost.
Don’t let questions extinguish our faith.
Elder Holland taught to hold fast to what you already know and stand strong until addition knowledge comes

Elder Alonso
Love is a combination of actions and feelings.
Set aside mobile devices and show love by serving others with our hands and feet.
Son Cooper was stuck by a car, received a priesthood blessing, but passed away.
I prayed to Jesus Christ to take away my grief. He did.
We met with the young driver of the car.
We choose to forgive and love this young man.

Elder Andersen
We come to General Conference to be taught from on high.
Unassigned talks and themes are coordinated seemlessly by the Spirit.
Certain phrases are given by revelation and personalized direction is given. 
"You don't know everything, but you know enough" helped me serve a mission and another get married.
Often His voice directs us to change something in our lives.
Elder Hales passed away 3 hours ago and was unable to give the talk he had prepared.
Elder Hales: "Our faith prepares us to be in the presence of God"
Conference is a treasure chest of heavenly direction.
Dr. Nelson heeded the Prophet's call to "lengthen our stride" to learn Chinese and serve the Chinese.  Dr. Nelson immediately hired a tutor which led him to be invited to perform a surgery on a prominent Chinese artist/singer.
President Monson: As I leave this conference. I invoke a blessing upon you: may the messages and spirit of this conference find expression in all you do, in your homes, in your work, in your meetings and in all your comings and goings. I love you, I pray for you, may God bless you.  May His promised peace be with you now and always.

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