Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cureloms and Cumoms

Some criticize the Book of Mormon for mentioning elephants and horses as well as two unknown species of animals referred to as cureloms and cumoms. At the time, critics says that the mention of elephants and horses in the Book of Mormon was absolute proof that the Book of Mormon was a fabrication by Joseph Smith because the elephant and the horse have never been found anywhere on the American Continent. Now that numberless examples of elephant and horse remains have been found, critics claim that according to the radio-carbon and other radio-isotope dating, which they criticize when it comes to the creationism/evolution debate, these North American elephants and horses lived in the American Continent longer than the Book of Mormon says they exist.

And what of Cureloms and Cumoms? Well, no one is for sure what they are. But the Book of Mormon suggests they are relatively large, able to be domesticated and useful. Early Mormon apostle Orson Pratt identified cureloms as mammoths in the Journal of Discourses (12:339-340).

But you say that Mammoths died out before the Jaredites arrived. According to history, the Mammoths and Mastodons and horses in America soon died upon the arrival of the first settlers in America in 10,000 BC (15,000-8,000BC). The Glaciers are said to have started to retreat in 16,000 BC. But the important thing here is that when ever the first Americans did arrive, the Elephants and horses disappeared. Why do we know this, because there are Mammoth and horse bones, human bones, and arrows and stone blades with mammoth and horse flesh on them in the same strata at multiple sites.

But what about the date of 10,000 BC? Can any Christian put any stock in this date as accurate? It denies that Adam was the first man who, according to the Bible, lived 4000 BC. Yes, there are 40 types of radio-isotope dating which all agree with each other, but all 40 scientific radio-dating techniques are based on a flawed assumption. And that flawed assumption is that radio/isotope dating assumes a constant rate of cosmic rays hitting the Earth which is what produces the radioactive isotopes or influences the ratio of radioactive isotopes and nonradioactive isotopes.

Thanks to all the global warming and environmental research that has been done, we know that the rate of cosmic rays hitting the atmosphere sending all kinds of strange particles through the Earth and making the various isotopes is not constant but inversely proportional to extent of the solar wind. We also know that when there is a lot of cosmic rays hitting the Earth, there are no Sun spots, and the Earth gets very cold like happened during the Mini Ice Age in the 16-17th Centuries. There are also problems with acidified ground water dissolving certain minerals out of rock. Shows the variation in cosmic rays hitting the Earth by C14.

And what about genetic mtDNA dating techniques? These are flawed too because they do not account for non-random mating which a group at MIT did correct for in their models. Mitochondrial DNA is only inherited from the Mother and therefore only changes in response to DNA mutation which also depends on environmental factors and cosmic rays among other things. This MIT group published their data in Nature and said that the first common ancestor of all humans could have lived as early a couple thousand years before Christ.

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So, what do we know? We know that the appearance of humans in America coincided with the disappearance with several large mammal species in the Americas according to the Book of Mormon. And this is exactly what the archaeological record shows. Not so far fetched also seeing as how the arrival of the Europeans almost meant extinction for the North American Bison. While this isn't proof of the Book of Mormon, it is closer to evidence for the Book of Mormon rather than evidence against.


Anonymous said...

This report brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart! I know that there are answers to everything and that the Lord is ever-present in our lives if we invite Him in. Why couldn't mammoths exist with man? Why couldn't they be domesticated to be work animals? I know Joseph Smith was a prophet and that The Spirit is real. I feel peace with this answer and am thankful for it.

Anonymous said...

Here's science:
* Define a question
* Gather information
* Form hypothesis
* Test hypothesis
* Analyze data
* Interpret data - draw conclusions that serve as a starting point for new hypothesis
* Publish results
* Retest

what you just provided was ANTI-science.
You skipped straight to "Draw conclusion" then backtracked to find a few examples to back up your assumption.
Please don't expect anyone with 1/2 an education or brain to buy into one scintilla of this pathetic attempt to justify that crap which you call a religion.

Anonymous said...

There were dwarf mammoths that dwelled on many islands throughout the planet some lived less than 4,000 years ago. They adapted to their surroundings. Islands do not provide enough land or food source for full size mammoths. So dwarf mammoths were around during the time of the Jaredites just not sure if they were where the Jaredites were. My theory is if you are looking for work animals that match the vicinity of where we think the Jardites may have been and you compare the similarities of the names cureloms and cumons it is possible they were referring to alpacas and llamas. They have been domesticated for thousands of years.

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for your article. I agree completely with what you have written. I am not a Mormon, but I too believe in the Book of Mormon. Joseph Smith was a prophet and archeology and science have given more support, unbeknownst to them, to the things contained in that book. I believe because the Lord has revealed it to me through his Holy Spirit but I also believe that science supports these truths more so than the close-minded "christian" propaganda out there against the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. Scientists are beginning more and more to question the accuracy of carbon dating and the age of dinosaurs, ancient humans, and the earth in general. There is a non-Mormon documentary on Netflix called "Dragons vs. Dinosaurs" that lends support to this idea that man and dinosaur were here at the same time. I would recommend you take the time to watch it. It supports the Bible and the Book of Mormon in relation to the evolutionary lies that have been forced upon us by liberal "educators". The truth shall set us free!

Anonymous said...

While it's true that cosmic rays can cause aberration in dating objects, scientists use tree rings back to 10000 years ago and cave speleothems back to 45000 years ago to corroborate carbon dates. Using different methodologies has shown carbon dating to be highly accurate in determining dates. Sorry. There's no way to justify a literalist view of Adam 4000 years ago. The book of Mormon doesn't stand up against a mountain of scientific data. Many of us wish it did, but we just have to accept it as inspired fiction.

Anonymous said...

The association between the Mammoth and the usage of the words Curelom and Cumoms is completely explained, most of the discussion working to demonstrate that mammoths, or some form thereof, existed in the necessary time frame misses the point entirely.

Garth said...

Science is one thing, faith is another. Jesus told Thomas after being given evidence, blessed art thou Thomas for thou hast seen and yet believed. Greater yet however is he who hath not seen , and yet believed.
Just like the God-consciousness issue as a whole. I have tried life without it and life with it and it just is a whole lot happier with!!
Why would Joseph Smith make it up? I don`t know. Maybe he did but then he probably would n`t start throwing in things like Curelom & Cumoms making it less plausible. Unless it was there.
A little faith. The faith of a grain of Mustard seed!!
I just think Joseph Smith couldn`t make this up. Others tried and couldn`t come close.I think if he had he would have recanted and moved to Canada and became an Insurance Salesman!
He "stuck to his Guns" and "Staked his life on it".. That says alot Fraudulent people don`t behave that way.