Sunday, February 15, 2009

Avoid Personal Apostacy

Today's priesthood lesson was on avoiding personal apostasy. There were several great points brought out in our lesson:
1. Have a thankful heart and an attitude of gratitude.
2. Don't steady the Ark or Play your position or Bloom where you are planted
3. God does expect faith but not blind obedience.
4. Don't cast away thy confidence but shelve a doubt and allow God time to answer your question
5. Sustain your leaders which means avoid being passive agressive and dragging your feet.
6. The best way to avoid being cold is to avoid being lukewarm.
7. When you joined the church you left neutral ground and can never go back. If you leave the church you are no longer neutral and that is why those who leave the LDS Church can't leave it alone but become vocal critics and antagonists against the Kingdom of God.
8. Most important, always remember Jesus Christ (thx Mike).

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Anonymous said...

D&C says if you've been repented and forgiven and then break the sin again then the former sins returns which put into personal apostacy and allows us to forget and fall away with shame and guilt.
Remember is the most important word in our sriptures - remember Christ always in our sacrament prayers.
MMB twin bro