Saturday, October 27, 2012

Greatest Threat to American Freedom

Joseph Smith taught that the United States Constitution was given by and inspired by God. Therefore, as long as there are LDS people, there will be people who devote their allegiance to Constitutional Government.

Below is a very good documentary explaining the Fabian Socialist and Globalist agenda to destroy America by destroying American from within by corrupting morality and traditional family values.

The few problems with this documentary is that it maintains the false left-right paradigm and doesn't acknowledge the neocon right-wing agenda. (Cleon Skousen also wrote "the Naked Capitalist"). Also, it calls for more education as a solution and not a "return to virtue". You can't educate a demoralized individual. Darkness doesn't comprehend the light. Finally, the documentary doesn't say what to do with the X% of dependent Americans. Caring for the poor is still an individual responsibility.