Saturday, February 22, 2020

Creation: Not a Spectator Sport

One of my work colleagues homeschools her children and was discussing science curriculum that presents evolution together with intelligent design.  We agreed that the important issue was to teach our children that all humans are created in the image of God and that the human spirit comes from God and that we are all children of a Heavenly Father who loves us. 

Another work colleague who believes in a 7-day creationism, asked if I believed that God couldn't just speak creation into existence.  Couldn't God just say, "Let there be light" and that it would be so?

I just said that, yes, God commanded it, and it was so.  But there is nothing in scripture that says it took a literal 24-hour period for God to see that he was obeyed. Time doesn't exist for God, so if the elements obeying was instantaneous or took 4 billion years, it's all a twinkle in God's eye either way. A day only has meaning according to the limited perception of  man. 

The other point I made was that latter-day scripture reveals that mankind was blessed to participate with Christ in creation. 

When I was in Highschool, I was in the band and attended every football game.  My highschool won state that year which was very exciting. But I had the thought.  If I'm going to be attending all these games.  I'd rather join the team and observe the game from the inside. So, that's what I did. I had never played football and I wasn't the most athletic, but if you made it through tryouts and two&a-days, you automatically made the team. 

But I think creation was like that.  Even though God can and does do His own work,. How much more can we appreciate God's work as we are blessed to participate in it, then we would by just sitting in the stands and watching things unfold as a spectator.