Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Traditional Marriage

A recent forum poll was taken involving people's opinion on Tradition Marriage. The many responses "Government shouldn't get involved" seemed to indicate that many do not understand the definition of marriage. Unless we understand the definition of marriage we cannot defend it.

Marriage is and must be different than a civil union. If there was no difference then it would make no sense to have different rules. There is only 1 difference between Marriage and Civil Union and that is the right to biologically create children (adoption is debatable).

I believe that Civil Unions should enjoy every right amd privilege that Traditional Marriage does except 1. And Civil Unions already do have all the inheritance, tax, medical decision making rights already. Civil Unions can also already adopt and have sperm donors, surrogates etc etc. So, if Civil Unions already have all the the rights of marriage, why the continued fight and debate? This fight is not about same-sex rights, but all about defining civil union and marriage as the same and then attacking religion using non-discrimination laws.

Traditional Marriage is the greatest civil rights issue of our day. But the civil right at issue is not Same-Sex couple tax status, but the right of children to be born and raised by families with both a mother and a father.

Government has always been involved with marriage because they would say [b]"Does anyone here have any reason why these 2 should not be married? Speak now of forever hold your peace?"[/b] Why would government seek community involvement in the approval of a marriage? The Community approval is involved because married couples have children and children who are raised improperly can become a liability on the community. Maybe because government welfare just happens automatically, communities aren't as concerned with who is making babies today as communities were before.

The rights of children to be born into a family with both a mother and father and the potential liability of a neglected child is why traditional marriage is a government/community issue and why marriage is different than civil union.issue and why marriage is different than civil union. I think many have totally lost perspective in why we have marriage at all. Marriage is a license to create and raise child with the legal obligation to provide for both spouse and children.

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