Friday, March 22, 2013

Fight For Liberty

This is a great article in the "Federalist Press" by Mike Jensen, who is friend of another faith.  Mr. Jensen writes a wonderful article talking about the LDS concept of the pre-existence and the War in Heaven which was fought over liberty and free agency.

The other thing I would point out is that the LDS faith is one of the only religions that I am aware that believes that the US Constitution is inspired by God and akin to scripture.

The Media loves to convey the false idea that if a Mormon were to come to power in America that the LDS Church does not respect the separation of Church and State and that LDS secretly would prefer to rule the world as a Theocracy.

However, if you will read your Book of Mormon you will notice that 1. Representative government was much preferable to monarchy 2. Book of Mormon prophets like Nephi ordained his brother Jacob as High Priest while he remained king and Alma stepped down from his position as Chief Judge to devote full time to being High Priest. These are just 2 examples how the Book of Mormon teaches a separation of Church and State.

Other examples:
1. After Nephi was made king, Jacob became the high priest (2Ne6?).
2. Alma appointed Nephihah as Chief Judge
3. In the Millennium, there are 2 capitals: Jerusalem and Zion
4. Kingdom of God (Church), Kingdom of Heaven (Civil Government)
5. Abraham is told Oliblish stands next to Kolob in power.
6. Joseph Smith taught that the US Constitution was inspired of God. The US Constitution maintains a separation of the State from Church.
7. Moses and Levitical priests vs. Jethro's captains of 1000,100,10.
9. Both tribes of Joseph and Ephraim given birthright blessings
10. King David vs. Nathan the prophet.

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