Sunday, May 31, 2015

We'll Ascend Together: 5 Protective Fence Posts

For our 5th Sunday Lesson, we discussed the talk by Sister Linda K. Burton, "We Shall Ascend Together".

I taught Primary Sharing Time by explaining part of the "Proclamation to the World on the Family" that teaches that it is the duty of fathers and parents in general to protect their children and provide them the necessities of life. 

I retold the story of her Uncle Don who didn't have alot of money but obtained 5 fence posts and drove them into the ground and tied string between them and instructed his children to never cross or play outside the string into the street.

In addition, to keeping us physically safe, fathers and parents keep us spiritually safe. I had a series of 5 foam posts with stands that were wrapped in brown butcher paper (to look like fence posts) and had colored construction paper wrapped at the top. Written on the colored construction paper in a rainbow of colors was 1 of 5 gospel principles that keep us spiritually safe. My spiritual principles were: Jesus Christ, Prayer, Scriptures, Commandments, and Temple.

I asked the children to answer questions by raising their hands and share a comment if: 1. they have parents that keep them safe? 2. who watched General Conference? 3. what their parents tell them to keep them safe? 4. what women general officers of the Church are there that we can listen to during General Conference (senior primary)?

I then invited a child to come up to the front and select a fence post and color and hold it up in front of the class while we read the principle marked on it. After explaining how the principle keeps us spiritually safe, we then sang a primary song that corresponded with that principle and sign post: "A Child's Prayer", "Keep the Commandments", "I Love to See the Temple", "Search, Ponder and Pray", " I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ".  

I then errected our colorful 5 fence posts one by one in the front of the class which were connected together with some heavy string. After the fence was errected, I bore my testimony of the divine role of fathers amd parents to provide and protect both temporally and spiritually. Lastly I invited and challenged the chikdren to thank and express appreciation to their parents for providing for them and keeping them safe.

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