Monday, July 27, 2015

Three Nephite Stories

Instead of telling ghost stories around the camp fire, I encourage Three Nephite stories. Sharing certain stories can invite the wrong spirit.  Who are the Three Nephites? Like Enoch and Elijah and John the Beloved in the Bible, there are three of Christ's disciples from America who were also blessed to endure and live to see the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Mormon and Moroni commented that they had seen the Three Nephites who they said had "ministered unto them".  Many others also report having been ministered to by Three Nephites. The ministration of the Three Nephites typically involves instances when a person is in distress, a mysterious person appears in their life (Like Ephraim's Rescue), to say something or do something that changes the course of their entire life. 

My Mother's 3 Nephite Story: My mother was very good girl and never a party'er. But she was in college and happened to be at party she had been invited too. While there, there was a young man that seemed a bit older than the rest and just looked at her and said "why are you here?" The question hit her to the very core. After looking down and pondering the question, she looked up and the young man was nowhere to be found. She immediately called her father to pick her up and take her home. She found the Church not long after that experience and was baptized. My mother believes that the young man who asked her that question was one of the 3 Nephites. 

I just realized that my mother has a 2nd 3 Nephite Story: My parents took in a Vietnamese family of 6 child refugees. The children had been separated from their parents. They already had 4 children and my Dad was in between jobs. They took all 6 children together not to divide up the family. They were pretty much living on food storage. My mother didn't know how she was going to feed everyone. However, she said one day she was driving and she came upon a man selling fruit and vegetables on a roadside stand near our house in California. She told the man about her situation and he told her to come see him at the end of each day and he would sell her whatever he had left at the end of the day for 15$. She visited the vegetable/fruit stand often to feed everyone until one night she had a dream about the Vietnamese parents of the 6 children being in Hawaii. It turns out the parents were in Hawaii, and the family was reunited. After the Vietnamese children had left thier home and had been reuinited with their parents, my mother sought out the man at the produce stand to thank him but he and his stand was gone. She never saw him again. 

My father may have a 3 Nephite Story: Someone left a Book of Mormon on his front lawn in California. Every night he read a chapter in the Old Testament and the New Testament. After finding the Book of Mormon he started reading a chapter out of the Book of Mormon as well. He subsequently was baptized, met and baptized my mother before severing a mission to Berlin, Germany and transferring to BYU. My Father in Mother married not long after he returned home from his mission.

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