Sunday, July 05, 2015

Peter, My Brother

Today in Gospel Doctrine we were discussing the final days of Christ's mortal ministry which included Peter's denial of Christ.  In addition to the lessons we can learn from Peter's devotion following his denial, I was remembering about then Elder Kimball's take on Peter's denial.  Elder Spencer W. Kimball responding to criticism on Peter wrote that it may have been that Peter's denial might not have been weakness, but instead strength.  The NT tells us again and again the Apostles did not understand that Christ's death was necessary.  Peter continually told Christ that he would die to defend Christ.  Accordingly, Peter's denial may have finally been his realization of what Christ had been trying to teach him.  Peter finally understood that Christ's death was absolutely necessary and that Peter, instead of impetuously lopping ears off, needed to survive and preserve the priesthood keys and authority he had been given.

In today's tumultuous moral, political and economic climate, it is tempting to want our religious leaders to start lopping some ears off. As we watch America "swirl the toilet" so-to-speak, the eventual scripturally-foretold death of America is necessary in God's plan just as Christ's death was to His resurrection. The most important things that we can do is, like Peter: keep covenants, survive, preserve the priesthood keys and authority, gather the elect, and look foward to the impending miraculous and glorious triumph.  

Why is all this necessary?  Wheat and tares were sown together at the founding of America.  The tares are responsible for many of the atrocities commited in America's history. Truthfully, America does has a very mixed record for great good and grear evil.  Right now, the goal is to get us to lose faith in God, country, and family by whatever means possible.  But, God's people will never abandon the US Constitution and Constitutional government for a replacement that may soon be placed before us.

Ultimately, God wants to see who will stand on the Lord's side even when it appears like His side is totally losing.  Are you just a fair-weather fan?  When the wheat and tares are finally gathered together, where will you stand?

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