Saturday, September 05, 2015

The Bitter Fruits of Apostasy

Heber C. Kimball, while serving as a counselor to President Brigham Young, reported: “I will give you a key which Brother Joseph Smith used to give in Nauvoo. He said that the very step of apostasy commenced with losing confidence in the leaders of this church and kingdom, and that whenever you discerned that spirit you might know that it would lead the possessor of it on the road to apostasy.” -TOTPC:JS, Ch 27

 “I will give you a key that will never rust, if you will stay with the majority of the Twelve Apostles, and the records of the Church, you will never be led astray." Joseph Smith Jr. via William G Nelson

I was listening to President Ezra Taft  Benson's talk on the Book of Mormon entitled "The Keystone of Our Religion". I am also reading in 3 Nephi with my children and I was impresses by Pres. Benson's promise that it was Mormon's desire via the Book of Mormon to instruct the Saints on how me could make sure we were standing with Nephi the Lords prophet and the other disciples at the Temple in Bountiful witnessing the coming if Jesus Christ instead of being one of the many otgers that were killed in one of the many other cities that were destroyed in the calamities attendant to Christ's first visitation to America.

I am also reminded of Isaiah's words when he prophecies that the Lord will see "eye to eye" with his watchmen (pleural) when he comes to "bring again Zion".(Isa 52:8)

Also, Isaiah says that the Lord will see eye to eye with His "watchmen". Watchmen is plural and not singular.  So, this seems to clearly suggest we should not be led astray by some individual no matter how "mighty and strong" he may seem by him or herself.  

The Lord has His watchmen and He will be seeing "eye to eye" at His coming. Maybe there is some improvements that can be made, but when the time comes, the Lord will be looking for His watchmen.  The wise were with Nephi at the Temple Bountiful at Christ's visitation to America. Nephi had to be corrected of a few things like on the prophecy of Samuel the Lamanite on the graves being opened. Nephi immediately made those corrections. (3 Nephi 23:11-13)

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