Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Not believing in God is too risky.

Theist, Atheist, Agnostic. Lets weight the risks and benefits. What do you get if you believe in God and God does not exist? A good, happy life. A few restrictions. However, I do not regret avoiding smoking, drinking, lying, cheating, stealing, killing, fornicating, idoliterating or adulterating. Oh, and I have to pay 10% tithing. But church has been a nice social club and is worth the money. Believing in God helps me and inspires me through the hard times.

So what do you get if you believe in God and God exists? All of the above and a chance at Eternal rewards. What do you get if you do not believe in God or don’t know and God does not exist? I get to do what I want but have to learn from my own mistakes. I risk suffering adversity alone. I make up my own rules. I risk hurting others and risk have regrets. But when I die, I die and its over. There may hope in reincarnation. What do you get if you do not believe in God or don’t know and God does exist? All of the above and the risk of Eternal punishment.

Hey, I am partly a theist because of what I get out of it. If there is an after-life and if there is a God, I want to be ready to meet Him and be judged by Him; my actions, thoughts, and desires. What do I loose? Well, so far I have everything I have ever wanted. And even when bad things happen in my life, some lose, some adversity, my faith in God strengthens me, and gives me hope. What hope? That If I do what I believe God wills me to do in this life that the things that matter most: family, friends and ability to love will go with me into the next life. Rabbi Kushner a renowed Jewish Rabbi in a BYU talk of the year in 1995 said that believing in God gave him value as an individual and self worth to think that the supreme intelligence, being, and power of the universe cared about what he ate for breakfast, who he slept with, what clothes he wore, and what he did on Sunday.

Agnostics declare ignorance or the reality of God's existance. They, in many cases, honestly conclude that they do not have enough circumstancial evidence one way or another to convince them of God's existence. Well, this is also a risky position.See, an agnostic is making a big assumption. He is counting on that his ignorance of God’s existence justifies him from any penalties. But, if God does exist, it’s God who makes the rules and not man. There is a chance that ignorance will not be an acceptable excuse for violating God’s rules. “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.” (Isa. 55:8)


BOH MAN said...

I like your posts, I'm not LDS i'm not really anything right now. But you definately give a different insight into topics that haven't found answers for about the lds religion. But this post is a perpetuation of the LDS stereo type. And thatis that many view themselves as holier than thou and perfect, you mention not regreting things that you have not done, and you are telling me you have never Lied, Stolen, Idolatry, coveted anything. Especially lied, come on. I know this was one of your first posts but are you really that perfect? I assume that you are not perfect, and thats ok, because all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. But just rattling off offenses some of which you have obviously done in your life is pretentious. But i love and agree with everything else you have blogged about. It's really helping me.


BRoz said...

Thank you. this is exactly why posting on the internet is useful. However, my intent in listing the offenses was not to say that I haven't done any of them but that I am thankful to God for directly me to avoid doing them. I should have made that more clear, I agree.

BRoz said...

Again, I was just rattling off a list of things Christian and the LDS faith in particular expects its people to do. I wasnt trying to say that I actually am successful in meeting the expectation 100% But I don't regret the expectation. I appreciate being given high expectations.