Friday, October 21, 2005

Faith vs. Science

This is the age of science and technology; the new age of reason. Superstition has given way to observation, instrumental analysis and rational interpretation. The language of mathematics describes our universe with which we can now determine the past and predict the future. The evidence is overwhelming, and even miraculous. Everyday, physicists and mathematicians are performing experiments that predict and describe the behavior of atoms down to their fundamental elements. However, according the Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, when it comes down to it, math really cannot tell you 100% exactly what’s going on. But it gets you really close. So, we take it as a matter of faith that math will unlock all mysteries and even, one day, will grant us salvation and immortality. Math is the perfect language, and science the power of creation; the voice and will of god.

Look at what organized religion has given us: prejudice, intolerance, and war. When hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, the masses concluded, "god is punishing the wicked." Rational thought tells us regions on the Gulf of Mexico are prone to strong hurricanes, which may or may not be influenced by global warming and a complex 60-year Atlantic Ocean Climate cycle and the poor are most susceptible. But, when disaster strikes, we can do something about it and alleviate suffering, and prevent catastrophes like this from happening again. Science can be altruistic and is not always “survival of the fittest.” However, I don't remember any scientific organizations contributing to hurricane relief.

Depite this Utopian hope, here is something in my heart that believes in God. Science will not ever invent an instrument to prove or disprove God’s existence. God has already invented it-- the human heart. Geneticists tell us we are pre-programmed to believe in God and they are diligently searching to find the god gene and see what happens when they delete it. I suppose I must have an overactive God gene then, because despite the "miraculous" scientific evidence, I will continue to put my faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God. His words hold the true answers to life and salvation. And there is ample evidence of that in my life and in the lives of millions.

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Anonymous said...

This post remindes me of a talk that was not yet available when you made the post:

Truth: The Foundation of Correct Decisions by Elder Richard G. Scott

He talks about the Scientific approach verses the revealed truth approach.

I really liked that talk.