Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Proof of God's Existence

Link1Link2It is impossible for man to prove God’s existence. It is like-wise impossible for man to disprove God’s existence. Man acceptance of God is based on faith, hope, and imperfect knowledge because if he were to have a perfect knowledge of God, he would be god. “Eternal life is to know God” Eternal life equals life as god. Also, rejection of God is also based on faith and imperfect knowledge. And, just as Dr. Lund argues, an Atheist would have to be a god to prove that God does not exist.

Gerald Lund states about an antangonistic and agnostic character in the Book of Mormon: "Korihor will consider only evidence that can be gathered through the senses. In such a system, it is much easier to prove there is a God than to prove there is not a God. To prove there is a God, all it takes is for one person to see, hear, or otherwise have an experience with God, and thereafter the existence of God cannot be disproved. But here is what it would take to prove there is no God: Since God is not confined to this earth, we would have to search throughout the universe for him. We assume God is able to move about, so it would not be enough to start at point A in the universe and search through to point Z. What if after we leave point A, God moves there and stays there fore the rest of the search? In other words, for Korihor to say that there is no God, based on the very criteria he himself has established, he would have to perceive every cubic meter of the universe simultaneously. This creates a paradox: In order for Korihor to prove there is no God, he would have to be a god himself! Therefore, in declaring there is no God, he is acting on "faith," the very thing for which he so sharply derides the religious leaders!Gerald Lund's "Countering Korihor's Philosophies." (Ensign, July 1992)


LaMar Culmer said...

That is very good reasoning. I appreciate it very much. By the way I enjoyed the "Kingdom and the Crown"all three times I read it. Marvelous.

LaMar Culmer said...

Your reasoning is very good. Faith is what agnostics and atheists want to avoid, and sometime even make fun of it. The Korihor story and Alma 32 would be really good together. Thank you. I sure enjoyed Brother Lund's books "The Kingdom and the Crown" all 3 times I read them.

Anonymous said...

This is completely WRONG

One, We atheists do not have to disprove the existence of god EVER.
shifting the burden of proof is telling.

Two, Atheism is not faith based at all, I just don't accept the claims about god's with out evidence or logical reasoning.