Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Natural Man, Humanity, Commandments and Civil Liberty

What makes humans separate from animals? Animals behavior is based solely on unbridled instinct. Humans, on the other hand, are able to control their passions and appetites. Many citicize the LDS chruch for its strict code of health. Let me remind you that, laws do not limit, they liberate. Commandments are directions to happiness and not restrictions. Is the command to not commit adultery an insult to the human spirit? What about the command about mearly coveting our neighbors wife. Where is the harm in this?

A reader argued in a previous post that guidelines against the consuption of scientifically proven addicting and mind-altering substances is offensive to the spirit and our civil liberties. Does prohibition violate our civil liberties? Consider the following scenario. When we drive cars we are expected to observe the speed limit. Does the concept of a speed limit insulting to our human spirit? It could be argued that you and I should be free to drive at whatever speed we can safely travel. However, the reason that our speed is limited is because, although we can operate our car safely at 80 and 90mph, there are others who cannot and who become a threat to others.

The same principle applies to the word of wisdom. I may be able to drink and use tobacco and stimulants responsibly, but there are clearly many who cannot. Therefore, for the overall good of society and my love for my fellow men, "the weakest of Saints" according to the revelation, we are invited to observe these inspired health guidelines.

And what about results? Research supports that active LDS members are, on average, some of the healthiest and wealthiest people in the world. Also, you should know that I work as a physician in an inner city ER. And it should not surprise you that a great majority of the tragedy I see on a daily basis is as a direct or indirect result of chemical dependance and abuse.If you want to live in a society where everyone is "free" to satisfy their animal appetites, urges, passions, and instincts then I hope you are prepared to accept the anarchy, and inhumanity that is the consequence of such unbridled behavior.


tiredmormon said...

Your research is faulty, which must be why you chose not to include a cite. Active Mormons are not among the healthiest or wealthiest.

The Word of Wisdom should be just that, a Word of Wisdom and not a mandatory commandment. Even Joseph enjoyed wine until his final day and Brigham had his own whiskey distillery.

Anonymous said...

Just a few words for tiredmormon. It seems to me that you dont understand what the word of wisodom is. Therfore; you should pray for understanding and kindness and, above all, for wisdom and inspiration.