Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Notes on the Book of Revelation

LDS believe the rapture will occur Post-tribulation and pre-wrath. LDS believe the rapture will occur simultaneously with the second coming of Christ. Upon Jesus' return, believers will meet him in the air while the Earth is burned and will then return and accompany him in His Millennial reign on a Paradisaical Earth.

Joseph Smith was told by God that the 7 seals are 7 1000-year periods of the earth history. The 7 Seals make mention of the emergence of disease and earthquakes. It is likely disease and earthquakes had always existed, but the the devastation is a result of how these natural occurrences are magnified due to man's changing living conditions.

Seven Seals
1st Seal: 4000bc-3000bc man conquers and divides up the Earth,
2nd Seal: 3000bc-2000bc man wars and disputes over boarders,
3rd Seal: 2000bc-1000bc money invented by Phoenicians,
4th Seal 1000bc-0 disease due to city crowding, and poor sanitation,
5th Seal: 0 -1000ad Christian Martyrs,
6th Seal: 1000ad-2000ad Sun, moon, stars darkened = Apostasy, Earthquakes cause fear, death, and destruction due to congested city living, city fires, and use of unreinforced concrete/cement. Restoration and elect of God from every nation receive the "sealing in the forehead."
7th Seal: 2000ad-3000ad 1/2 Hour Silence, Tribulation, Rapture, Wrath, Second Coming, Millennium, Final Battle.

Events of the 7th Seal
The angel says hurt not the Earth, Seas, Trees until we have Sealed the Believers.
Therefore, the Seal begins with 1/2 hour of silence = 21 years?
Then the 7 Trumpets Sound and 7 Vials poured out (like the 7 trumpets at the wall of Jericho)
The Beast is false government and economic system
The Harlot is false religion riding on the back of the Beast
The Beast turns against the Harlot, devours and destroys all false religion (Rev 17: 16)

Seven Trumpets
1st Trumpet: Hail, Fire and Blood burn 1/3 trees and all grass
2nd Trumpet: Mountain in the Sea turns to blood and kills 1/3 fish die and 1/3 ships
3rd Trumpet: Woomwood star contaminates 1/3 rivers and 1/3 springs
4th Trumpet: 1/3 part of Sun, Moon, Stars hidden
5th Trumpet: Another star falls, Sun is dark by smoke and Scorpion Locusts torment man 5 months
6th Trumpet: Armageddon kills 1/3 man, 2 Witnesses prophesy and call plagues
7th Trumpet: Christ Appears and wrath unleashed

Seven Vials
1st Vial: Sores upon those who worship the Beast and its Image
2nd Vial: Sea turns to blood and men in sea die
3rd Vial: Rivers and springs turn to blood
4th Vial: Sun scorches man with fire
5th Vial: Darkness and torment of man
6th Vial: AntiChrist and 3 frogs emerge to bring about Armageddon
7th Vial: Christ appears, believers raptured, and the Great Earthquake and Wrath unleashed

List of Symbols
Events of Apostasy during Roman Times replayed in the Last Days
It seems the Trumpet and Vials seem to be describing the same events.
Seas, Rivers, Springs , Water = peoples, multitudes, nations, and tongues. (Rev 17:15)
Seven heads = seven mountains = continents (NA, SA, EU, Afr Rus, SEAs, Aus)
7 Headed Beast = Summation of all beasts in Dan 3
Beast = False government and economy (merchant city)
Harlot = False religion


Mr. Furious said...

Wouldn't the millennium (which means, in fact, 1,000 years) constitute the 7th seal? The "day of rest" as it were before the devil is loosed for a final struggle and his ultimate defeat?

BRoz said...

Yes, I suppose we could say that we are currently living in the Millennium and specifically in the 1/2 hour silence of the 7th Seal. Pres. Hinkley on April 6, 2000 General Conference declared it exactly 2000 years since the birth of Jesus Christ in his opening talk to the Conference. I remember thinking when I heard this, "Wow, he just declared the 7th Seal open."

I feel kinda disappointed that the Millennial reign may not be a full 1000 years as I had always believed. It seems the Bible describes the first part and the last part of the 1000 years are flanked by wars, wrath, and tribulation. With all this war going on it seem we are all guilty of being Sabbath breakers.

Mr. Furious said...

Interesting. Sabbath-breakers indeed! I've also heard some posit that the 6th creative period (or 6th seal) is still underway and that the Gods will not fully "rest from [their] labors" until man is brought back into Their presence to "partake in eternal life and exaltation" with Them.

BRoz said...

The real and new Sabbath or Day of the Lord is the 8th Day after the Millennium when there is a new heaven and a new Earth and the Earth becomes like a sea of glass mingled with fire. Then the exalted will finally rest with The Father and Son forever.

The play "Saturday's Warrior" should be renamed "Friday's Warrior"

Anonymous said...

hey the 7 mountains that you refer is not the 7 continents you have describle but there are 7 mountains in Italy that surrounds the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church for many years have controlled many empire by spreading their ideas that anyone not believing in their way will be killed and yet this is what has happened. If you look at history they will show up what the Catholic Church has done.

Rapture said...

The word (From) in Greek is as “out of” (Greek word, ek)

The Bride of Christ

Revelation 3:10
Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee (from, Greek, ek- out of) The (hour, Greek, hora- season) of (temptation, Greek, peirasmos- adversity or tribulation) which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.

Saved Now, and From (out of) The Tribulation.

2 Thessalonians 3:3
But the Lord is faithful, who shall stablish you, and (keep you (from) evil. AMEN.

Delivered, Translated, Raptured us

David B said...

The Bible teaches a post-Trib, pre- Wrath Rapture. If you are not prepared like Noah was (this time with food and water storage) you will not be saved from Tribulation.