Monday, July 05, 2010

What About 2012?

My wife's uncle is Dr. Alan Christiansen who is a professor specializing in Mayan Art History at BYU. He is the translator of the current scholarly and academically accepted version of the Mayan Popol Vuh. Dr. Christiansen served an LDS mission in Guatemala and speaks fluent modern Mayan. He translates for LDS General Conference and can read ancient Mayan hieroglyphics like he was reading a newspaper. He has also been featured in several National Geographic articles and documentaries. According to Dr. Christiansen, there is nothing in the Popol Vuh or the Mayan Long Count Calendar to suggest the ancient Maya foresaw anything or were predicting anything in Winter Solstice 2012.

If you read my previous post which quotes a General Conference talk by President Ivins in 1931. At that time our occult/globalist/zeitgeist/anti-Zionist friends were telling us the same thing. At that time, they were telling us that the hieroglyphics in the Great Pyramid in Egypt were predicting the Great Depression. This Egyptian prediction claim was a hoax. Yet, the Great Depression did happen, but it wasn't because the ancient Egyptians knew about it.

Ben Bernanke spoke at Milton Friedman's (Nobel Laureate in Economics) 90th birthday and told him in essence 'Milt and Anna, for years you have been saying the FED caused the Great Depression because we contracted the money supply (as opposed to Protectionist policy via the Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act). "You're right, we did it. We're very sorry. But thanks to you, we won't do it again."

Unfortunately, they did do it again when the FED stopped releasing M3 data in 2006 and then oversaw the constriction of the money supply via the implementation of the International Monetary Fund/World Bank/Bank of International Settlement Basel II Accords in 2007. I case you are tempted to think our money masters didn't know better, the Basel I Accords of 1988 bankrupted Japan.

Well, it seems that our New Age/Age of Aquarius friends are playing the same game they played preceding the Great Depression. Our Alchemist/Zeitgeist/Mystery Babylon/Invisible College/Illuminati/Order of Malta/Shriner/Scottish Rite/Rosicrucian/Orangemen/Venetian Black Nobility/Hermetic/Ordo Templi Orientis/Skull and Bones friends are telling us some crazy stuff is going to happen leading up to 2012. I am not going to go into all of it, but whatever tribulation happens, just be sure it is not because the Egyptians or Mayans foretold it.

That said, the Book of Mormon does tell us that the movement of the planets does testify that there is a God. So, the issue of the "Progression of the Equinoxes" and the Earth aligning with and crossing the galactic plane cannot be discounted. I am not saying nothing will happen on 2012. What I am saying is stuff is happening now, and will happen but I am of the opinion that like 1931, the 7 trumpets of the tribulation where calamities by man upon their fellow man made to simulate end of the world events. Then, following the 7 trumpets of the tribulation, come the 7 vials of wrath that represent real acts of God and God's vengeance upon the wicked.

Alma 30:44 all things denote there is a God; yea, even the earth, and all things that are upon the face of it, yea, and it's motion, yea, and also all the planets which move in their regular form do witness that there is a Supreme Creator.

I am sure all LDS are aware the President Gordon B. Hinkley warned us 8 years ago to get our houses in order just as President Ivins did in 1931. President Hinkley referred to the vision of the Phoaroah interpreted by Joseph who saw the 7 years of plenty followed by the 7 years of famine. President Hinkley told us back then that "portent of stormy weather ahead to which we had better give heed." He then talked about getting out of debt and spoke of the reactionary nature of world financial markets.

What exactly are the globalist/new world order/anti-Zionist/anti-American/elites planning and what exactly is going to happen? I am not sure. I am sure it won't be any sort of economic recovery any time soon. Therefore, according to the prophets and Apostles we need to 1. Get out of debt 2. Beware of Anger 3. Act and don't be acted upon (globalist plans, like chess, rely on predictable reactions by their opponents. They are also playing Good Cop/Bad Cop so beware what seems to be the Good Cops) 4. Secure a year supply of food 5. Put together a 72-hour kit for evacuation. 6. Follow the Prophet. 7. Let the Holy Spirit guide.

The instruction from President Ivins in 1931 LDS General Conference applies today:
"Just be calm and turn to the Lord. It is not the result of any occurrence of the immediate past. We have been gradually drifting toward it for years and years, and personally I have known that it would come, and I bore witness of it from this stand to the people a year ago. I applied it to my own affairs. I pleaded with the people to put their houses in order and get out of debt, for I knew this was coming, because God himself through his Only Begotten Son had declared it.

There is nothing that men can do, nothing that we can do that will avert the fulfilment of those sayings, and it is not the design of our Father in heaven at all either. It is simply the result of our own lack of wisdom, of our own disposition to he selfish, of the accumulation of the wealth of the country in the hands of a few men which prevents its equal distribution among the masses.

Now, my brethren and sisters, if the Church has anything to say to you it will come from them direct and not from the writings of other men. It will come to you in a manner that you will understand it. It will not be speculative. It will come to you philosophically, truthfully and governed by common sense."


Michael said...

Sadly, it is the state of Utah that has some of the highest foreclosure and default rates in the nation right after California, Nevada, Arizona and Florida.

Keeping up with the Joneses and overextension of life style is very prevalent amongst the Saints despite repeated warnings.

Anonymous said...

While the Mayan stuff may or may not be hogwash, the Book of Mormon has a numerological pointer to 2012. This deals with the year gap between when Alma restored the church (a type for Joseph Smith) and Christ came to the temple in Bountiful (possibly a type for the restoring of New Jeruslam--or the coming of Christ to his Saints in Zion). That timeframe was 182 years. 182 years from 1830 brings us to 2012. I would not be surprised if 2012 was a banner year.

Unknown said...

Read the signs of the times and be prepared. Get your twmperal and spiritual house in order meaning don't delay your repentance you are about out of time. If you do this ye need not fear.