Thursday, July 08, 2010

Trumpets and Spirals at the World Cup

The following is not LDS Doctrine:

Elder Bednar told us to listen for the sound of the trumpet. Anyone notice the prominent sound of trumpets at the World Cup and all the spirals in the graphics. The spiral kudu horn or vuvuzela is an instrument used in South African religious rituals. The sounding of trumpets can signify warning and spirals can signify chaos. There is some vigilant watchfulness concerning 7/11/2010 which is the date of the World Cup finals. Read about it at

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing me back to this talk, and especially for pointing out and focusing on the promise at the end.

I think the trumpet is a warning sound that will be heard differntly by different families as each family is uniquely prepared for the challenges that they will face.

The trumet and call I will hear will be a unique voice of warning for me and my family.