Monday, July 05, 2010

What About UFO's and ET's?

D&C 130:5 there are no angels who minister to this earth but those who do belong or have belonged to it.

Never mind CoasttoCoastAM with Art Bell, there has been some bizarre talk on Larry King Live featuring Buzz Aldrin and other other astronauts and airline pilots concerning trans-dimensional UFO's and ET's. Even more surprising has been several official statements made by the Vatican saying belief in UFO's and ET's is real and not demonic nor psychopathic and that ET's are our brothers and that they may be spiritually superior to us as they are not subject to the Fall.

"in the May, 2008, statement by the director of The Vatican Observatory (Specola Astronomica Vaticana), the Rev. Jose Funes. This priest publicly announced a long-held Vatican position that it's okay for Catholics to believe in UFO and Aliens from other worlds."

While LDS know that life does exist on countless other worlds, the Lord Jesus Christ was very clear to Joseph Smith on this issue. In the Doctrine and Covenants 130:5 Christ tells Joseph Smith he would never send and angel, servant or minister to this Earth that doesn't belong to this Earth. God is a God of order and having ETs suddenly arrive from Orion's Belt or Sirius and tell us that they produced the "Nephalim" and Jesus Christ and that our bodies are just vehicles for our spirit and that our physical reality is not really real is 1. not true 2. not according to the order that God has established.

If your interested in what kind of advanced propulsion systems the US has been hiding since the 1950s then look up info on French astrophysicist and engineer Jean-Pierre Petit who made huge discoveries in the fields of magnetohydrodynamics and magnetoplasmadynamics.


N. D. Melander said...

I think the problem then, if there is any visitors from outer space, is calling them angels. Other than a few people who claim messages from aliens when they get abducted, they rarely act like angels. In fact some of them are more like the traditional daemons of nightmares and folklore. Never have I thought of them as part of the Lord's plan, although they could be technologically superior independent intelligences. If they exist.

I have always been a skeptical believer in the unknown, with alien visitations high on my likelihood meter. Are they, like I said above, distant visitors or daemons from the spirit world come in new forms? Who knows. What I do know is they are fun to imagine and fringe study. Or, in my case, write a novel about.

Anthony E. Larson said...

You've got it. It's just that plain and simple. I wish that logic worked on those Saints who believe and follow that nonesense. Believe me, I've encountered more than my fair share of them.

Timotheus said...

While I do not agree or disagree on your position on ET's and UFO's, etc., I don't think its your place to authoritatively comment on exactly what the Lord was telling Joseph Smith in that verse you quote. The Lord often has multi-level meanings to things he says. Frankly, we don't know exactly what he meant by what he said. And when it comes to ET's and UFO's, it really doesn't matter.

David B said...

If you read the top of the blog I clearly say eveything here is unauthoritative. However , i am of the opinion that the scriptures teach that UFOs are not a part of Gods plan or order. And I think this issue does matter as there are indications that there are attempt to make us think that ETs visiting Earth are real. And the real importance here is how the issue ends up as an attack against true Christianity.

matrixwpfs said...

also though the scriptures say the lord has created many worlds and they have there free agency just like we do. So just like a murderer has free agency to kill someone. Someone from another world would have the same free agency if they had the technology to come here abduct and do things to us. Does that mean i believe in UFO's?? I dunno but documented things like in the fourth kind do make you wonder.

Anonymous said...

I know this is an old thread, but I have to jump in anyway.
First, I cannot think of anything authoritative or official that has been given on the matter of UFO's and ET visitations to earth. The scripture quoted above is spiritual in nature. It doesn't address ET's visiting earth, UFO's, etc. To assert that it was addressing that is pure conjecture, and quite frankly I'd have to do some serious intellectual gymnastics to believe it. As an active LDS, I see no problem with alien life forms existing AND visiting earth, and I find the idea of blacks being the seed of Cain more preposterous than UFO's visiting Earth.

David B said...

You are correct that LDS leadership have not commented on aliens visiting the Earth. What I posted is my opinion on how we can interpret this verse in the D&C.

However, think about it this way. #1 the distances between galactic bodies is so vast that it would never be worth it to visit a place like the Earth continually unless a civilization were in need of a new place to live and then they wouldn't be hiding.

#2 because of the risks of confrontation of civilizations, if an alien had the technology to warp space-time or inter-dimensional travel then they would be advanced enough to send advanced robots and risk coming directly.

#3 It is not in the economy of God for alien races to visit the Earth because their message would eclipse the voice of the prophets and apostles.

Unknown said...

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