Saturday, July 13, 2013

Keys of the Priesthood

Joseph Smith taught that there are special keys received in the Holy Temple which can help the Elders of the Church of Jesus Christ detect false spirits and persons from true.  In response, someone questioned that with the internet, the sacred ritual aspects of the temple can be found out by anyone.  So, if anyone can know the keys, how can the keys identify true from false?  This question got me thinking about just what wisdom the LDS Temple teaches that Satan and those who follow him can never understand.

1. First, the LDS Temple teaches and empowers how to resist the temptation of Satan. Satan does all the tempting but knows nothing about how to resist.  Satan has never stood up to himself so can't possibly know how best to cast himself out.

2. Next, the Mountain of the Lord's House endows and teaches how to achieve mastery over the body and its carnal appetites and passions.  Satan has never had a body.  Therefore, Satan cannot possibly have the slightest idea how to control the body instead of having the body control you.

3. Finally, the New Testament Temple teaches and empowers how to submit to Heavenly Father's will.  Satan refuses to submit to the will of anyone but himself.  Satan entices, "do as you will", but the true followers of Christ humble themselves and submit to God , His Church, and His Priesthood authority. And a major part of this "not as I will" humility is obeying the counsel and commands of the Lord's living Prophet and Apostles as well as our local Bishop.

“our relationship to living prophets is not one in which their sayings are a smorgasbord from which we may take only that which pleases us. We are to partake of all that is placed before us, including the spinach, and to leave a clean plate!” Elder Maxwell, Things As They Really Are, P.74

Imagine in the next life being asked to teach a class entitled "Mortality Prep".  If an individual had received these 3 keys of wisdom and knowledge, How many pre-mortal spirits would voluntarily choose to attend your class.  Could you be asked to prepare spirits for their future mortal experience if you had never first learned these 3 lessons yourself?  What kind of work do you intend to be called/rewarded/crowned to do for eternity?   The lessons of mortality can only be learned here in mortality.

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