Thursday, July 18, 2013

Saving Constitutional Government

The failure of US Constitutional government rests with the failure of US Churches.  US Constitutional government is dependent on self-government.  If people cannot self-govern then they cannot maintain constitutional government.  US Churches are failing to teach principles of virtue and charity (James 1:27). A demoralized society that has rampant fornication and drug use will produce a poor dependent class.  Evil conspiring men (e.g. Saul Alinsky) can then organize the demoralized dependent class into a corrupt voting block. The key to saving constitutional government is for the Church to teach and expect virtue and charity.

In Constitutional government, if harm is perpetuated upon another person (recreational drug distribution) it is the duty of the state to prosecute the perpetrator and protect the victims.  If a person harms himself (recreational drug abuse), it is a matter for religion to discipline and rehabilitate.

If you want to save the US Constitution, we need to oppose poverty by opposing fornication and recreational drug abuse that leads to poverty.  Or in other words advocate self reliance by advocating morality and sobriety.

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