Monday, November 18, 2013

Agency of Man

I agree. Agency does not equal "do whatever you want". Lehi teaches we "could not act for ourselves" (agents) unless we are enticed by one or the other. It is Satan's doctrine "do as you will" and the Lord's doctrine "not as I will but as thou wilt". 

In reality, man only becomes free by submitting to the will of God in all things. That is the great paradox. We become free by submission because only God can bestow His creative powers on others. Satan has no creative powers and can only steal, corrupt and enslave. God's people can rule over their own creation.

Since the appetites and passions of the flesh never take a vacation, man would have been a slave to the natural savage nature without the commandments of God. This is how the commandments of God make us free. Without God's commandments we would just be left slaves to our own carnal nature and to Satan. 

Even in the garden, the commandments given to Adam is what made Adam free. Before that he would have just hung out with no choices for good or bad. But this life is meant for us to show and to prove to ourselves who we will serve, who we will choose to love and what we are made of.

In life we choose to whom we will serve. Some will serve the devil. Some will serve the flesh and their own hedonistic appetites. And some will choose to serve God.

Thanks to the commandments of God, man has a choice and now knows what to do to demonstrate his choosing God.

Satan's plan was given by Korihor. Korihor reveled that it was Satan's plan to do away with right and wrong and live under the law of the jungle where "every man faired according to the management of the creature" and "conquered according to his strength". 

Under Satan's system there is only room for one at the top who could possibly do as they will in all things where they rule by fear, lies, deceit, force, leverage, intimidation, ruthlessness and coercion etc. 

In the animal kingdom there is no sin for an animal to behave like an animal. But animals are not agents and are controlled by their appetites and passions. 

Mankind is above the animals. What makes man human is we have power over the flesh. We can choose to fast when hungry. We can choose to forgive when offended.

Submitting to the will of God = Charity.  Doing whatever you want = Pride.  Pride is the opposite of Charity.  Christ was good and did good more than any other man because He loved the Father and submitted Himself to the Father more than any man.  The pure love of Christ was His love for and submission to the will of the Father.  The Father then empowered and magnified Christ's ability to be good and to do good.

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