Saturday, November 09, 2013

Pre-existence vs. Reincarnation

1. It is important that we DO believe in a pre -mortal existence where we lived in the presence of God because, unlike mainstream Christianity,  we need to realize that just making it to heaven is not the ultimate goal.  If we started out in heaven with God, from the start, then the design is to not just return but to return better than we left.  The infinite reward makes risking hell worth it.

2. It is important that we DO NOT believe in multiple lives or reincarnation because we must understand that "the day of this life is the day for men to perform their labors". We can't procrastinate and get serious on the next "go'round."

32 For behold, this life is the time for men to prepare to meet God; yea, behold the day of this life is the day for men to perform their labors. (Book of Mormon, Alma, Alma 34)

3. While we DO believe this stage of mortality is our great and final exam, and there are NO second or third chances to "have-a-go" at mortality, how is eternity still described as "one eternal round?" What is it that "goes around"? 

The thing that "goes around" in the universe is the new spirits that are prepared to come to an Earth and have a mortal/physical experience. During this experience, spirits must learn or are tested in 3 areas: 1. will they love and serve God over Satan. 2. will their spirit master and control their body or will they instead be controlled by their appetites and even genetics (natural man). 3. will they humble themselves and submit/consecrate to God's earthly priesthood authority. (this attitude = charity, opposite = pride)

The love of Christ was His absolute submission of His will to the Father. And because of Christ's submission to the Father, Christ was motivated and empowered to do more for His fellow-man than by Himself.  

Anyone who renders service to others will tell you they will do more for others out of a love for God then they would for the person themselves because they can know God better than they may know their neighbor on their own. Our love is limited by our NOT knowing.  But we can know God, and God knows our neighbor.

The reason Why it is critical to learn these lessons NOW during this lifetime is because you cannot learn these lessons later. And if you have not or did not learn these 3 lessons in life, we cannot teach these lessons to future generations of spirits who will come to their Earth and have their "go'round". We won't be able to give future spirits their "first lessons". Those who never figure out mortality won't be enabled to teach "mortality prep".

[Faith is the attitude and action of obedience and sacrifice to God putting off immediate gratification for future eternal blessings and reward.  The opposite is doubt. Earthly faith is the motivation of a bird that begin's dutifully collecting twigs to construct the nest it can picture in its mind's eye.  Spiritual faith is acting based on the heavenly vision we receive by the Holy Spirit.  This is the "eye of Faith".

Through our faith we have an assurance of eternal reward and will be motivated by hope and not fear that we are missing out on the fun.  Those with a perfect brightness of hope do not fear death, or scarcity or time or resources.  However, they do prepare beforehand for every needful thing and are self-reliant.

Charity is our complete submission to God and God's priesthood authority.  The evidence of this is our works as  those with charity will selflessly do more for others than without that submission because we know God and God knows our neighbor better than we can know them and love them on our own. The opposite attitude is pride or "don't tell me what to do ". 

Many follow the god in their heart because unlike a living prophet or local bishop, the god in your heart likely will not make as many demands of you.  Truely, God can be in our hearts.  But If the god in your heart is not asking 100%, he is not the right god.  The True God expects everything.]

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Nathan said...

Your post makes me wonder if reincarnation is a corrupted doctrine springing from the true doctrine of eternal progression. Could this be another interpretation of "one eternal round"? i.e. our Father works with us over and over again and gives us additional opportunities to bless us with further light and knowledge if we prove ourselves worthy. At every stage, we seem to be promised blessing that are indescribable to our current understanding.

If lower forms of intelligence don't progress but are resurrected in perfect form as they fill the measure of their creation, it's hard to imagine the Celestial Kingdom being that great. It will be packed full of types of insects.