Saturday, April 02, 2016

Priesthood April 2016

Elder Nelson: Divine role as men of God. Willing to be humble and let go of old hurts and habits.  To submit to priesthood leaders and hold the priesthood.  Authority without power due to sin. Waste time instead of bare the power of God to bless others. Only if we have paid the price will be be enabled to bless and protect and heal one day and for eternity. Pray for more power. serve, cherish wife. Priesthood can calm the earthquakes in our own homes. 

Elder Owen: What it means to lead and to follow.  Christ was the greatest leader and follower. Christ followed His Father with humility, meekness, persuasion, patience, faith and love. Leadership is a matter of discipleship.  Must invite all to come unto Christ.

President Uchtdorf: Everything in todays material world seems disposable or upgradable.   Family, marriage, eternal blessing cannot be replaced with the modern. Families are the order of heaven. Families require intentional work. Remember integrity and loyalty and covenants. Be happy.  Choose happiness.  Charity vs. Pride.

President Eyring: Celestial marriage is our purpose.  Why should this matter to young and old. The welfare of family should come first at all times. Exhort by baring testimony is never offensive.  Make marriage a priority.

President Monson: We bare the priesthood dependent upon righteousness.  Stand in holy places and remember who you are. Story of airman downed in the Pacific: "You have the priesthood, command the vessel to pick you up." Be ready to bless others. 

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