Saturday, April 02, 2016

Saturday Afternoon April 2016:

Elder Rasband: Restoration began with youth asking questions.  Questions are welcome, opposition is not.  There is no loyal opposition. Questions demonstrate desire to learn and pressing forward with faith.  Leaders we sustain warn us of dangers.  Are we choosing to stand on the Lords side with His leaders?  The Lord reaches out to save us through others (leaders and family). 

Elder Andersen:  The Church teaches the ideal family but we should be sensitive to children's diverse circumstances. We can still teach eternal families to all children.  Their spiritual dna is perfect. Help youth feel included (outside the fence) through other youth.

Elder Arnold: Grandparents can rescue grandchildren and others.  Don't delay in the rescue. Never give up. 

Elder Mazzagardi: Why did the restoration happen in America?  God had brought people from all over with varied beliefs but love of their family for the construction of the Erie Canal.  Restoration promised eternal families. 

Elder Bednar:  How do we retain a continual remission of sins?  Being born again comes through ordinances. Holy Ghost is a sanctifier.  In the ordinances, the power of godliness is manifest. It the reception of the Holy Ghost that remits sins (not the water). Continually partaking of the sacrament will help us always have the Spirit with us.  Sacrament is a renewal of both baptism and confirmation.

Elder Ballard: Councils are the Lords way. Family councils will protect from worldliness. 1. General 2. Executive 3. Limited 4. One-on-one.  Turn off electronics.  Doesn't need formality. The walls of our home alone no longer protect our family relationships.  Need prayer and councils.  

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