Sunday, April 03, 2016

Sunday Afternoon April 2016

Elder Hales-  Light of Christ vs. Holy Ghost. Light of Christ helps us distinguish right and wrong.  Holy Ghost helps us receive personal revelation. Study it out and bring a decision to Him in prayer.  Testifies of the Savior. Comforts and remits our sins.  Only the prophet receives revelation for the Church.  The Lord guides the Church using the same sacred pattern of revelation. 

Elder Gong- Remembering and forgetting are part of life and eternity. Confidence in covenants, recognize hand, trusting in assurance.  Forgive and don't take offense. We are always welcome home.  Take the sacrament.  Pray always, serve, care for the poor. Remember Christ in all times, places, circumstances.

Elder Kearon- Refugees.  We are all refugees. Christ was a refugee fleeing Israel to Egypt. LDS were refugees in our history.  This is not about political immigration policies but about people escaping war that they had nothing to do with.  Participate in relief efforts.   Do something local and help refugees return to self reliance. Stakes of Zion are to be a refuge.  What we have endured doesn't define who we are. 

Elder Oaks- We must face opposition. We could not act unless enticed by both sides. Agency requires opposition.  Satan wanted to destroy agency and steal Gods glory. All adversity will give us experience and be for our good.  Life is not supposed to be easy or consistently pleasant. This is the real test to see if we will be endure valiantly and do what is best. Their is no loyal opposition in the kingdom. Questions are honored but not opposition.  Judge Joseph Smith by fruits not every perceived action. God does not prevent all catastrophes. 

Elder Richards-  We need the temple more than anything else.  The temple arms us with righteousness, power and great glory.  Temple work is for all ages. Encourage youth to serve before and after their missions.  Communion of angels will be added from time to time.  Come often and with family and for family.  We are those arrayed in white serving in the temple. 

Elder Johnson-  Resurrection is the greatest event of all time.  Even for the righteous, death is captivity.  All physical challenges will end. Cancer has already been cured and is not beyond the power of God to overcome via the resurrection. Jesus Christ lives and because of Him we will all live again.

Elder Holland- Your attention is fixed on us during this conference but we are fixed on you.  We love you wherever you are in the world.  You are the miracle.  Hold fast to the Spirit we have felt here.  Tomorrow threatens to cause us to forget. In the very hour God was telling Moses to make no graven images, Israel was fashioning the golden calf.  After the Mount of Transfiguration the disciples were squabbling.  "Oh faithless generation". General Conference is to give hope not discouragement.  We can improve, Satan cannot. Continue to seek and to strive. Keep trying. Sanctify yourselves for tomorrow the Lord will perform wonders among you.

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