Monday, June 21, 2010

1 Thing I Would Change

1. No more usury(interest) and fractional reserve banking. The Bible clearly teaches that "thou shalt not charge usury of thy brother". So many of us allow this evil practice hoping that one day we may be the collectors of usury instead of the payees. We learn right after the Fall that men are to Eat their bread by the sweat of their face all the days of their life. Usury is a way the wealthy can eat their bread off the labors of others. Our enabling of Usury has allowed the agents of Satan to get the gold they use to control, oppress and destroy the Earth.

Lending and borrowing policy affects the process of invention as well. Securing a patent and intellectual property is protected in the Constitution so that an inventor will put in the investment and labor needed up front knowing he will be rewarded later. It also encourages disclosure. However, there still can be a problem with finding initial investment. Because wealth is concentrated in the hands of so few, many technologies have been suppressed.

This problem of initial investment argument is based on the problem of usury and unfair banking and lending practices. If banks didn't charge usury and people with good ideas could get all the money they could need to develop an idea, new discoveries would immediately be available to everyone. And I predict learning and technological advancement would skyrocket. Innovators and inventors could make money other ways by consulting, or franchising thier new processes and products so that other craftsmen or tradesmen could offer the same innovation in their market.


Last Lemmin said...

For opposing Article I, Section 8, Clause 8 of the U.S. Constitution (To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries;) you are hereby banished to the lower right hand corner if this painting.

Sorry. I just came from BCC, if you couldn't guess.

Oh, and I was listening to transistor radios in the 60s. Ma Bell was not broken up until 1984.

Kristophorus said...

The last time I checked, the Illuminati and the political Zionists were on the same side...

Usury and patenting are both a side-effect of a system of capitalism based on the issuing of fiat currency, which currently is what the entire modern western civilization is based on. To get rid of these two things, you wouldn't have to just change the dynamics of the economy (which has been tried by the likes of Marx and others), you would have to change the hearts of both the people who participate in the system and the people who run and own the system (which if you're inferring is the Illuminati, well, they've set up the whole system like this on purpose).

If the powers that be had any interest in the growth and evolution of the human race, we wouldn't have an environmental crisis in the gulf right now because we would have been off this archaic fossil fuel decades ago, well into the development of tesla-based free energy and exploring the far reaches of space by now.

But the elite don't care about common men because they are nothing more than cattle to them, to be herded and slaughtered at their leisure. (They've already admitted they'd prefer if 80-90% of the human population on Earth were not in existence.)

It's all good and easy to say you'd get rid of usury and patenting in your ideal world, but what I see you hoping for is more than any revolution could ever hope to resolve. You're asking for the apocalypse.

The only way I see these things realistically going away is if we enter into a post-industrial era of anarchy where there is no elite or government body.

(Or, of course, when the extra-terrestrials come save us from our selves...)