Monday, June 21, 2010

Daniel 11: King of the North and South

Daniel 11 speaks about Alexander the Greats (goat with single horn) conquest of the Medes and Persians (Iraq and Iran). The military success of Alexander the Great brought about the fall of the Persian Empire and the rise of the Greek Empire. However after the death of Alexander the Great, the Greek Empire didn't hold together and was immediately subdivided into 4 parts. The principal players in the divided Greek Empire were the Selucius who controled the Northern part and Ptolemy who controlled the South. In the decades that followed, the Kings of the North and South seemed to have neverending battles, conflict, and territorial disputes. The reason Daniel bothered to tell us about all these details which inolve famous persons such as Beatrice, Mark Antony, Ckeapatra ending with Herod the Great was because every time the King of the North and South had a squabble, it seemed Jerusalem and Israel were continually the site of the conflict.

In the Last Days a king of the North and South may also again find fulfillment. A divided United States would create such a scenario that Depicted in the TV Series "Jericho" when the conflict between the King of the North and South seemed to consistently negatively affect the people of Jericho, KS. In a sililar light, a division of the US following the creation of the North American Union, may create another Daniel 11 where a king of the North and South wage and endless war with Utah and Western Missouri serving as battleground states.


Anthony E. Larson said...

You may wish to consider that the imagery of Daniel is cosmological and not about political/national give and take at all. I know most modern exegesis goes to that notion, but I don't buy it. To one who is well versed in ancient prophetic symbolism, Daniel's metaphors are patently cosmological in nature. A little study in that area would give you a whole different take on these "kings."

David B said...

Daniel is cosmological yes. But the Babylonian Mystery religion espouses Astrology and Numerology and believe "As Above, So Below." So, they make sure politics reflect cosmology.