Sunday, June 20, 2010

Act and Not Be Acted Upon

The following is not necessarily LDS Doctrine:

Elder Bednar in April Conference warned the Saints about conspiring men in the Last Days and that if we would read and bare testimony of the Book of Mormon and learn to act and not be acted upon we would be like watchman upon the tower being enabled to see afar off and hear the sound of the trumpet. In regards to trumpets, there is currently a reason to be watchfully vigilant. So, in the spirit of hearing trumpets and vigilant watchfulness, I want to discuss the following:

According to a bizzare series of 5 slideshows at the website at the UK Telegraph entitled Operation Blackjack a warning of an immenent terrorist threat may be announced tomarrow (June 21, 2010 12:00 GMT). The series of 5 slideshows depict nuclear bombs being detonated in several US cities along with Mexico City, London, Washinton DC, Toronto, and Los Angeles. According to the slideshow MI5 the British Counter Intelligence Agency will increase their threat level to Critical and should release info to the public to vacate large cities. At the same time, local, state and federal law inforcement will start rounding up supposed suspected terrorists. Despite this action, the bombs go off starting in London at 8:03am and subsequent detonations occur at the same time in each time zone at 8:03am on June 22, 2010.

In response, rioting ensues, Martial Law is imposed upon the US, and the sovergnity of the US as well as the US Constitution is lost as a new North American Union is put together to deal with the chaos created by the attack. If you were not aware, all the plans for the North American Union have been drafted and signed into law by President Bush. These series of Executive Orders are known as the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. Officials from the US, Mexico and Canada have ironed out all the policies over the last few years. There has been no SPP summit scheduled for 2010 because this is the year when these executive orders will be implimented and inforced.

According to the Operation Blackjack scenario, citizens will be issued micro-chipped national ID cards and will be subject to manditory vaccinations. Eventually all citizens will be required to receive the implantable RFID VeriChip. The new capital of the NAU will be Denver from the underground military complex which was built under the airport.

Pesident Obama warned us earlier this year at the UN nuclear summit about nuclear bombs being detonated in US cities. He called this our number one security threat. Accordingly FEMA has been preparing for this scenario by conducting drills like NLE2010 which simulated the response to a nuclear detonation in Los Angeles. The US Military have practiced for this scenario via Operation Ardent Sentry 09 and 10. Local and State authorities in Chicago have had similar drills. Additionally, FEMA has purchased millions of body bags, plastic coffins, and has finished several mass graveyards in Houston, Phoenix, Southern California and Indiana. While Chicago is not listed as a target city in Operation Blackjack there is some concern it may be included in the real life terrorist act.

Next year, according to the Operation Blackjack slideshow, the goverment is expecting large demonstrations protesting the NAU and the in favor of preserving the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Many protesters will be rounded up and sent to FEMA forced labor camps.
Then at some point after a failed bombing attempt, nuclear forensics will finally discover the the bombings were not from domestic terrorist groups in league with Iran and China, but that the components of the bomb are American made. Then at that point, there will be a civil war of sorts and the NAU will divide up into 2 or 4 pieces potentially creating a King of the North and King of the South situation that would divide Utah and the US politically similar to the political situation described in Daniel 11.

If bombs do go off starting with London on June 22, 2010 at 8:03 GMT which is 4 am PDT on the East Cost, then according to the Operation Blackjack Senario there will be a swift, decicive and horrible nuclear response upon Iran, China and whomever else is implicated. This is very unfortunate because there are so many freedom loving people in China and Iran that will be targeted in a revenge attack. And if that revenge attack occurs, the question is what the response of Russia and China will be. Operation Blackjack doesn't mention a WW3 scenario as a consequence nor does it mention a nuclear counterattack from Russia.

There is also a concern about the release and emergance of diseases during this time. Elder Oaks gave a talk forewarning us that worthy priesthood holders would be needed. President Taylor in his Vision of Destruction and Horseshoe Prophecy commented about the conditions in Salt Lake and the power of the priesthood which would be be needed to keep disease from raging uncontrollably.

According to another person who is watching these events unfold, he describes the situation like this:
I donno about you but I take that as a warning, and there are so many more symbolic things shown in these pictures, like the UNA (Union of North America), the Amero, to replace the dollar, and all the chaos that will be caused resulting in Martial Law and more loss of freedoms. And all of this is being done by design, that they, the Elite, planned on purpose. It's called Problem, Reaction, Solution. They create the problem, the people react they way the expect, and then they offer their solution that normally would not be accepted but because of the circumstances the people will practically beg for it. And it will result in more control for them and less freedoms for us.

Therefore, to preserve our freedom, our rights, our constitution, and our Constitution we need to act according to correct principle not simply react according to fear and uncontrolled emotion. Therefore, in my opinion, we need to take any potential warning tomarrow very seriously. If the MI5 threat level goes to critical tonight (12pm GMT) we should all have our 72hr kits and should be able to evacuate from major population centers. Following the crisis, we can act in civil ways to show our support for the constitution preventing our being rounded up by UNA or FEMA troops and sent away to a work camp. We can also be ready to listen and respond with exactness to any and all counsel we receive from our prophet President Monson and the Quorem of the Twelve Apostles.

Hopefully this whole thing is just a sick joke. However, unlike Y2K the convergence of so many details including, predictive programming in the media, and occult numerology (which the anti-Zionist conspiracy uses) suggests otherwise. You can view the Operation Blackjack slideshow for yourself. Even though the caption says the whole thing is fiction, codes and ciphers within the slideshow say otherwise. The first cipher reads: "this is not entertainment".

P.S.if the night skys happen to be red like an aurora it is a manmade unfocused exicition of the ionophere by HAARP and not solar despite what NASA may claim or your astrologer. The vision of the "night of the red sky vision" by an Apache wiseman is manmade as it exibits many major occultic characteristics: 1. Received in a cave 2. Speaks of man as a cancer upon the Earth 3. Does not strengthen faith in Jesus Christ.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting thread... I just find the whole situation highly unlikely. Why? where did we get this info from? some dude posted it on youtube. hhhmm... lets see, yeah, not a very reliable source.You mention stuff about secret codes imbedded within the message that supposedly corroborates the truth of the message. How about some other source besides secret codes? It is a good thing to be prepared; that is what the prophets and the church have taught us. But another thing is to be paranoid. Sounds like paranoia to me (with no offense intended to anyone) I guess time will tell... right?

Anonymous said...

Uh, it is past midnight GMT . . .

Big G said...

I think you must of missed this statement under the slide show:
Blackjack - A slide show story. The events portrayed in this slide show are entirely fictitious