Friday, June 11, 2010

Daniel, Medes and Persians

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Anthony E. Larson said...

Okay. I'll take a stab at this one. (sigh!)
Your fundamental error is taking what Daniel wrote as indicative of present events. He was writing about Babylonian or Sumerian sacred tradition. These "beasts" are illustrated everywhere in their monumental and sacred art. But all ancient cultures had similar traditions. In Egypt, these were the four Canopic figures, which Joseph Smith correctly indicated as indicative of the four cardinal directions. (See his explanation of them in facsimiles #1 and #2.) More precisely, they represented the four points of heaven, and they appear in numerous guises in ancient cultures. Assigning present geopolitical and "globalist" meanings to prophetic metaphors is a fatal error, one that Joseph Smith decried in his stinging condemnation of William Miller, founder of the Adventist Movement of that era. May I suggest you immerse yourself in the ancient cosmological origins and meanings of this arcane imagery in order to properly understand it. Don't make the same mistake our Christian cousins from misguided denominations make. The Lord told Joseph Smith they were wrong. Period. Following their lead in matters of prophetic imagery, rather than seeking out the original imagery, as Joseph Smith did, is pure folly on the part of any Latter-Day Saint. I urge you to not fall into that trap. The Lord, through Joseph Smith, gave us an entirely different system of prophetic interpretation. May I suggest you investigate that. Try reading my blog article entitled "Prophecy for Dummies" to start. ( If you are earnest in your desire to decipher prophecy, you will want to explore this avenue thoroughly. I wish you well, and I hope you will take advantage of this key.

Anonymous said...

This is plain nuts.

If the U.S. government warns about potential threats --- bio-weapons, dirty bombs, etc., they are secretly planning to trigger such.

If the government plans for natural or manmade disasters, they must be planning to cause them.

If the U.S., world leaders or third party groups, outlines Iran as a threat, they must be engaged in a secret effort to trigger Armageddon.

David, you really need to lay-off the nut job sources.

Sad, sad.

David B said...

This was not based on how Daniel should be interpreted but how the pbs documentary used Daniel to get many to think the Iraq war was justified.

The next part applied to how the globalist may try to get us to go along with a war with Iran which was approved at Bildeberg 2010 in Spain on June 3.

Please consider:
Operation Blackjack
Jericho TV Series

Anonymous said...

The Bilderberg Conference is simply an annual meeting of leaders from both sides of the Atlantic.

Each year, folks are invited --- politicians, academics, businesspeople, etc. --- to get together and discuss issues.

The only key rule is that it is a private meeting.

Basically, they discuss contemporary issues. No votes are taken. No resolutions are passed. No decisions are made.

It is a discussion group. Very threatening.

My favorite quote is by the current chair, a Belgian: "There will always be people who believe in conspiracies but things happen in a much more incoherent fashion...When people say this is a secret government of the world I say that if we were a secret government of the world we should be bloody ashamed of ourselves."

David B said...

I believe in the Book of Mormon and the Book of Mormon is clear about warning us against conspiracy.

We have been warned.

Anonymous said...

There is a difference between understanding that folks can conspire to believing that all is one.

Modern gangs act like the Gadianton robbers. Pornographers seek to spread their dark wares.

But, there is no group behind the curtain pulling the strings, directing world events. No one is that competent.

Making bad decisions is common. Running sinister all powerful groups is not.

David B said...

JFK called it the monolithic conspiracy.

Tupac warned of the illuminati control of the music industry.

John Todd and Bill Cooper explained how the globalists have infiltrated religion, government, business, and banking.

President Benson warned us that all was not well in America.

Revelations says the Harlot (false religion) riding on the back of the Beast (false gov system) was the "Mother of Abomination" meaning the source of all evil.

We see globalists consolidate corporate, economic, banking, and federal power and meet at Bohemian Grove, Bildeberg, and other places to take orders.

Anonymous said...


JFK believed Communism was a threat. He was a liberal who disliked big business. But, he never believed in any all-encompassing conspiracy. In fact, in the 1960 campaign, many evangelicals thought he was the Anti-Christ because he was a Roman Catholic.

Tupac, John Todd, Bill Cooper --- I assume you are referring to Todd's claims that he was a Satanic Illumanti leader. That is silly. His entire life was a lie. After originally embracing him, the Christian community ran away when they realized he was a fraud.

Cooper was a tax protestor and UFO claimant who engaged in bank fraud.

Tupac . . I think this reflects more on him than anything else.

President Benson . . Frankly, during the 1960s, he got entangled with the John Birch Society and got seriously off base. He spoke at a rally in LA where he supported a book/author that claimed President Eisenhower --- the liberator of Europe, defeater of Hitler and fierce anti-Soviet advocate --- had been a active communist agent his entire adult life.

In a New Orleans stake conference he claimed that the civil rights movement was a communist front designed to trick blacks.

He claimed, repeatedly, that the U.S. government, state governments and local governments were under communist control.

It was pretty nuts.

President, then 1st Counselor in the 1st Presidency, Hugh B. Brown repeatedly spoke against these statements.

Benson was opposed by such LDS radicals as Mark E. Peterson, Harold B. Lee and Joseph Fielding Smith. As a consequence of these speeches and activities, Benson was sent to Europe. President Benson wrote a letter saying he hoped he would never come back.

Of note, after this period, Benson mellowed. Not completely. But substantially. By the time he became prophet, his focus was on the Book of Mormon, not the commies hiding under the bed.

Now, the term globalists. If that means those who think nations should work together when it is in their individual interest, I think that is a widespread attitude. It is one I share (but, I draw the line when U.S. interests conflict).

You keep citing annual meetings of several private groups as the place where the conspirators "take orders". O.K.

Just who is giving the orders?? There are too many egos on the international level to ever get an agreement internationally to follow anyone.

Look at the U.S. in Iraq. We got a couple dozen countries to support the invasion. Most countries opposed us. Many of the supporters have peeled away as their home politics have shifted.

It is hard to find any consistent consensus. Not surprising in a world of 6 billion people.

I know it is easier to think that that the forces of darkness do everything. But, the world is far too complex and far too fragmented for any such consensus.

Anonymous said...

David, David.

I just looked up the JFK claim.

That is his famous speech on the Communist and their aggressive efforts to engage in espionage and infiltrate third world countries.

He certainly said nothing about Jewish bankers or other groups running the Western democracies.

And, since the Commies have had a bad run, certainly since 1989, I don't think the speech has much current relevance.

Now, I don't mean that the Red Chinese or the North Koreans aren't a problem . .

David B said...

John Todd - Yes, he was an imposter and lied about many things. But I believe some of what he said was true. He was part of the source of the "mark of the beast is a implanted microchip". Some true things he said was explaining how occultism has been repackaged as the New Age Movement, about the music industry, and about control of corporations, government, and banking, and infiltration of relgion. Another point is that he said the conspiracy is completely against Zionism.

Bill Cooper - at the start he was into UFO conspiracy. At the end of his life before he died he understood that the UFO was a lie and the government was purposefully releasing info to set us up for a fake UFO invasion. This is called Project Redlight and Project Bluebeam. He did not pay his taxes in protest which was a mistake.

Pres. Benson - The communist conspiracy was just one head of the hydra. Pres. Benson told us to read the Book of Mormon precisely because this is the warning of the Book of Mormon. Remember that there is a "mother of all abominations" and "spiritual wickedness in high places"

Anonymous said...


The reason I've been so aggressive on this conspiracy stuff is because it is dangerous.

It breeds a sense of helplessness. It causes folks to think there is nothing they can do because the all powerful conspiracy will block them.

That is so far removed from reality.

One aggressive citizen can make a huge difference in their individual community.

Ten motivated folks can impact their county.

One hundred animated actors can shift a state.

Tens of thousands can leave an imprint on the nation.

Now, that doesn't mean that if someone wants something they will get it. No. The American system is far more complicated with lots of competiting interests, including those who have fundamentally different beliefs.

Today, we live longer than ever. Our kids use technology that science fiction writers 30 years ago did not conceive.

I think our best days are ahead, not behind. My own prediction is that our children and grandchildren will look back at our time and marvel at our challenges, laugh at our backwardness and be impressed that we made it.

David B said...

My object is not to cause fear, anger, or elicit a feeling of helplessness. I too am an optimist because as Elisha in the Bible reminds us, "Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them."

However, Satan is the enemy to Zion. Interesting how the Illuminati are falsely assoociated with Zionism. To defeat this enemy we need to understand and recognize it.

We will just have to agree to disagree.