Saturday, October 05, 2013

LDS Conference, October 2013 Priesthood

Elder Perry- the articles of faith are just a lot of words unless we understand the doctrine in them.  Scriptures give us a standard of truth.  The Church without correct doctrine is like a cell phone without its battery.

Elder Funk- Without the spirit you will not succeed despite your talents and abilities.  Soil is broken, Wheat broken, bread broken, sacrament taken with a broken heart will make us whole. 

Pres. Uchtdorf- Sometimes we fall and we think we can't get up. Rising up sometimes takes some encouragement by another saying "you can do it now!"  Godly sorrow inspires change. Worldly sorry is sorry for the consequences.  Godly sorrow should lead to a regret but not self-loathing.  Satan likes to make commandments seem like something forced upon us.  We need to think of them as our idea of who we want to become and not just what someone else wants us to be doing.
Rise up men, you can do it now!

Pres Eyring-  Story of the overloaded priesthood bearer.  You are the Samaritan and not the priest or Levite.  He stopped because he had compassion.  The Lord will recompense you and provide help from others.  Leaders will be blessed who to ask to help and who not to ask.

Pres. Monson- Christ is a good shepherd who knows his sheep and is known by them who leads his sheep who follow him. Christ is  not a sheepherder who lags behind and drives the sheep forward with dogs. If you are to bring a man to God you must first convince him you are his friend.  Hometeaching can be the key that returns someone to activity.

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