Saturday, October 05, 2013

LDS Conference, October 2013 Saturday Morning

Elder Hales - more important to write down what the spirit directs you when talking notes during conference more than writing down what the speaker is saying.

Elder Soares- Meekness is a  desire for daily improvement. Also, involves Perseverance. Temperance controls temper and avoids contention. Humility acknowledges dependance on the Lord.  Meekness isn't weakness but faithfulness.

Sis. Stephens- men and women are both endowed with the same priesthood power in the temple.  The sacrament renews all covenants we have made with the Lord.

Elder Dube- Focus on all that we still have yet to do.  The past is to be learned from but not lived in. Faith is always directed at the future.  Be equally yoked and pull the burden together. Stand close together and lift where we stand.  

Elder Bednar-  The blessings of tithing may come in subtle ways such as better heath, attitude of gratitude, thrift,  assurance, peace and hope.    Physical and mental stamina.  Resolve and resilience. The ungrateful person suffers in the poverty of discontentment.  Gods ways are not our ways.

Pres. Uchtdorf- What do you expect from your members.  Nothing, but the Lord expects us to consecrate all.  Do your people do it.  Yes, and more.  People want to put their faith into practice.  Because we have no paid local clergy, local congregations can self-organize as called by the Lord's Spirit.  Sometimes we volunteer and sometimes we are volunteered.  

There are events if Church history that cause some to question and others to doubt. Sometimes we just know all the facts or we disagree on what they mean.  Things that cause some to doubt inspire faith in others.  The Doctrine of Christ is perfect.  The Church Leadership is imperfect.  The Book of Mormon acknowledges that if there are faults they are faults of men. But nothing will cause the Church to be diverted from its eternal destiny.  If you feel you can't live up to your standards. All the more reason to come.

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