Sunday, October 06, 2013

LDS Conference, October 2013 Sunday Morning

Elder Eyring-  Decisions for family happiness.  Accept and magnify all Church callings.  Become one in marriage.  Love your children even if they go astray.  Joy is guaranteed to the faithful.

Elder Oaks-  We offend God when we have other first priorities. Recreation, political correctness, or worldly possessions.  We can have other priorities but must put God first.   God has a divine purpose for marriage and family.  Concerning trends include decreased birthrates, increased age of marriage and decreased role of the father.  Increased cohabitation and illegitimacy.  All use of procreative power outside of marriage is sin.  We cannot condone nor justify these laws.  Man's laws cannot make moral what God has said is immoral.

Sis Oscarson-  New morality is just the old immorality. Word of wisdom saved me from brain damaging effects of drugs.  You receive no witness until a trial of your faith.  We must act first.  You have the primary responsibility for your own conversion.

Pres. Maynes-  Challenges of life will be for our ultimate good.  Life is a test of our character.  Endurance comes at a price: perseverance, dedication, and self-discipline.  Become the rock the river cannot wash away.  Set aside sin, run the race, and keep the faith.

Elder Scott- Personal strength through Christ's atonement. Lamanites buried their weapons (buried the hatchet) and gave up their lives instead of breaking their covenant.  Sons took their father's place in defense of their families.  Poor choices leave consequences.  Fortify weak areas to create strength by covenant. Build spiritual fortification through repentance.  Magnify callings, serve others.

Pres. Monson- Tomorrow would have been my  65th wedding anniversary.  Francis, my closest friend, and I were sealed together giving the assurance that our separation is only temporary.  Will we falter or finish.  Job says "Man is born unto trouble." Make the gospel of Christ the center of life.  This won't prevent trials but prepare us to meet them.  "Good timber doesn't grow with ease.  The stronger the wind, the stronger trees."   God promises, " I will never fail thee nor forsake thee".

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