Sunday, October 06, 2013

LDS Conference, October 2013 Sunday Afternoon

Elder Cook-  People can put themselves into bondage to addictive substances and false philosophies.
Israel rejected God and was scattered.  Protect time for family. Beware of false philosophies.  We will regret diminishing the special relationship between women and children.  We should not force people to act against their conscience.  We need to work to improve the moral environment around us.  If we follow the light of Christ we will be saved from spiritual, intellectual and physical bondage.

Elder Anderson- In the ordinances, the power of God is manifest.  All ordinances invite us to increase our faith in Christ.  Priesthood provides comfort, peace.  Why is the priesthood administered by men?  All are alike unto God both men and female. However, scriptures provide the example.  No room for pornography in administering the priesthood.  "If thy eye be evil the body will be full of darkness".  We do not determine the callings we receive.

Bro. McConkie- Becoming a successful gospel teacher. Have a testimony of the restoration and modern revelation.  Joseph's message to the world is "God speaks!"  Preach the gospel of Christ and not our own ideas mingled with scripture.  Live worthy of the Holy Ghost.  Our own daily personal preparation is the most important part of our service.  Before we preach the word we need to first obtain it. Sons of Mosiah are examples.  Teachers need to listen to their students with spiritual ears. Follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost and let it guide your lesson even if you don't cover all the material.  Stand as a witness of the things you teach.

Elder Hamilton- We need to continually hold fast to the word of God.  Why 3 meetings? Sacrament, teach the doctrine, learn our duty. We should attend church when traveling. Don't be a picker and chooser but attend all our meetings.

Elder Achoa- Beware of delaying our journey with useless pursuits but remember to watch for the signs of the time. Technology gives us false credibility based on the number of viewers.

Elder Vinson- God helped the Brother of Jared with one problem of air but left it up to Jared to solve the problem of light and still allowed bad weather.  [however the bad weather wasn't without purpose, the furious winds blew them towards the promised  land]

Elder Nelson-  Never too old to change.  We are eternal beings with eternal progression.  We are given weaknesses to be humble but they can be made strong. Aging and death is a gift.  Our body is the temple of our spirit thus our spirits are divine and eternal.  We were chosen for spiritual attributes.  Self-mastery places reason over appetite.  When mistakes are made, we can change our behavior and desires.  Sin even if legal is still sin.  We will each have a personal interview with Jesus Christ and we will have to give an accounting.

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